Sales Leader

Be a data-driven sales leader who optimizes sales performance and forecasts with confidence.

Monitor the status of your team's pipeline, accurately predict your sales revenue, and improve the productivity of your team. Stay on top of priorities by understanding which deals need immediate attention, which sales reps need coaching, which leads should be contacted, and what needs to be done to hit quota.

Improve sales performance and decision-making with pipeline trends

Manage and track your sales opportunities to effectively prioritise your sales efforts. Get visibility of your sales team’s pipelines right through the sales process. Ebsta monitors pipeline changes in real-time to highlight opportunities that aren't moving quickly enough, have no activity or are suffering from a lack of stakeholder engagement so you can get them back on track.

Forecasting Insights

Accurately predict the sales forecast with real-time insights

Spot deal slippage before it happens and take early action. Improve the accuracy of your forecasting with better team ollaboration, increased accountability and less guesswork. By analyzing opportunities in real-time, you'll have the confidence to see where your team will end the quarter and know what opportunities are at risk and need prioritizing.

Make strategic decisions with more accurate insights

Improve your understanding of the full buyers' journey and help save sales reps time by capturing every sales activity into your CRM. Ebsta's activity insights helps you understand the efforts your team is making and how those efforts are impacting your revenue goals.

Activity Insights (3)
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Discover relationships across the business to identify new opportunities faster

Sales coaching has proven to be the leading driver in increasing sales performance, but too few do it well. Ebsta equips sales leaders to effectively coach their team by providing the information, context, and tools needed to coach sales teams to reach higher levels of performance.


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