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About Us

Ebsta is the first to bring sales enablement and data management products into one platform, helping businesses to maintain accurate customer information whilst accelerating sales processes. Today Ebsta maintains the accuracy of over a billion CRM records, using untapped inbox and calendar data. Ebsta consistently ranks amongst the most popular apps in the Salesforce AppExchange.

We give teams the ability to capture accurate data without the need for manual updates. Mine business emails for high-quality prospects, log email and sales activity as it happens and provide your team with the toolkit to automate and accelerate sales.

Improve your close rates, client retention and customer success with Ebsta.

✓ Automatically sync 100% of emails
✓ Capture missing business contacts
✓ Accurately monitor your team’s activity levels
✓ Target customers and prospects that need attention
✓ Gain full insight into every customer’s history
✓ Leverage email and Salesforce data to support your GDPR initiatives


Our Mission

Ebsta helps companies to maximise the value of Salesforce. Our mission is to ensure that every company has accurate customer data, whilst making life simpler and more productive for teams.



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Meet the team


Eve Collins, Head of Customer Success

Eve is our Head of Customer Success with experience in Psychology and relationship management. She enjoys getting to know our loyal customers and ensuring that you always find value with our company. When she’s not managing the CS team, she enjoys lapping up the San Diego sun and any activity outdoors.


Oliver Squires, Director, Business Development

Oliver started out as an Account Manager but now leads EMEA Sales Operations. He motivates our EMEA sales team and is known to crack inappropriate office jokes.


Louise Bartlett, VP of Global Marketing

Louise heads up our Marketing department with an abundance of knowledge in the software industry. As well as this Louise is our office motivator and queen of the gym.


Greg Curtis, Sales Executive

Greg is our buzzing Sales Executive that can’t wait to jump on the phone in the morning. He is funny, talkative and enjoys wearing funky shirts.


Amar Resic, Developer

Amar is experienced in web development and is our Bullhorn Developer, building tools that enhance recruiters’ workflow. He enjoys all things digital and is often the last out of the office.


Edward Brownrigg, Senior Developer

Ed is one of our .Net Developers that has built the amazing Ebsta products. He is passionate about building apps, burritos and spends long hours hidden away with his headphones on.


Troy Noll, Financial Controller

Troy has over 16 year’s start-up experience within tech companies and is Ebsta’s Financial Controller. He enjoys working with numbers and is the mathematician amongst the team.


Michael Dean, Business Development Representative

Michael is our charismatic BDR that refuses to eat anything else but sweet potato for lunch. He enjoys fishing and is hoping to ‘hook’ as many prospects as possible!


Brooke Weinberg, Snr Account Manager

Brooke manages Ebsta for Bullhorn, enjoys the thrill of sales and is the voice of all animal lovers everywhere. She loves the recruitment industry and considers customers her friends.


Rob White, Developer

Rob comes from a Data Analyst background and joined Ebsta as a Junior Developer. He is passionate about building products, festivals and refuses to eat junk food.


Thierry Langlois, Product Marketing Manager

Thierry loves nothing more than to delve into user experience, conversion optimisation and lead acquisition campaigns. He is the only supporter of Lyon FC in the company.


Charmaine Bromley, Business Development Representative

Charmaine is our charming BDR and office chatterbox. She can be found trying to improve her skills on the office Monorover and drinking endless cups of tea.


Lizzy Robins, Product Manager

Lizzy is responsible for translating complex customer requirements into easy-to-use tools for the masses. In the few hours a week she spends outside the office, she enjoys baking and long walks in the countryside (eg Clapham Common).


Soroosh Avazkhani, Developer

Soroosh is a Developer, Data Analyst and Salesforce genius. With great problem solving skills, he creates solutions for the Ebsta team and is always the first to buy morning coffee.


Dev Rubin, Customer Success Manager

Dev is our Customer Success Manager for all Managed Package customers. She is passionate about building client relationships and enjoys having a chat over a cup of something scrummy.


Wayne Gladman, Manager, Business Development

Wayne has been in the SaaS industry for as long as he can remember and that’s what keeps a smile on his face. He enjoys meeting new people and making the sales process a personal and enjoyable one.


Guy Rubin, Founder and CEO

Guy comes from a recruitment tech background where he was the Co-Founder of VC backed tech startup, iProfile. He wanted to solve the big data quality issue and has achieved this with Ebsta. He now works alongside his team of ‘rock stars’.


Craig Maxwell, Manager, Business Development

Craig is sales-focused and helps gain prospects interest in Ebsta. He thrives in a business environment and is currently rocking a headband.


Alp Yazirdag, Customer Success Specialist

Alp is our legendary Customer Success Specialist. Unfortunately, he doesn’t bring his cat to work.


James Knowles, CTO

James ensures the timely delivery of continuous release cycles whilst leading the architecture and maintenance of Ebsta on a global scale (performing somewhat more successfully than his beloved football club, QPR).


Zac Roberts, Founder and COO

Zac has spent his career building and developing products as a Technical Advisor and Developer. Working with Guy, he built the Ebsta product and although he teases with football banter, he is the calming presence in the office.


Leo Kwok, Junior Web Developer

Leo is our Junior Web Developer and works on improving Ebsta’s products. He enjoys continuously learning new things and loves a game of foosball / table tennis.


Peter Lloyd, Customer Support Engineer

Peter has been supporting customers all over the world for 15 years. Massive standup comedy fan, he created a comedy club (Empirecomedy). Isn’t life about having fun?


Jack Copeland, North American Business Development and Growth Advisor

Jack is our Sales success guy and is always around to give a helping hand whenever we need it. He’s friendly, loud and incredibly funny (at least, we tell him that).

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We have offices in London, England, and San Diego, California.

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