Dreamforce 2019 – LIVE

Before we kick off, you need to enter our competition to win a pair of Apple Airpods Pro here. The winner will be announced on this page on the final day of Dreamforce.


22/11 – 10:50

21/11 – 09:37

Tim Cook joins Marc Benioff for a fireside chat:


  • Marc Benioff had an internship at Apple in 1984
  • The iPhone took Apple into the Enterprise as most people don’t want to carry two phones
  • Apple are now in every Fortune500 company and 8/10 of these are building custom apps for their enterprise
  • Trailhead is coming out as an exclusive for iOS
  • A mattress business is using iOS and Salesforce mobile to totally transform their sales process
  • Mattress configuration time has been reduced by 90% through this combination
  • Marc Benioff no longer has a computer – he runs Salesforce on his phone
  • He uses the Salesforce app, messaging, Facetime – everything he needs is on his phone
  • Salesforce learnt the value of innovation from Apple – he thanks Tim for innovating for decades
  • Tim now explains that innovation is not just change
  • Innovation is about making things better, not just changing something
  • Apple never set the objective to be first or to make the most – but to be the best
  • Apple recycle Android phones at the Apple Store
  • Tim and Marc are sitting in the same arena that Steve Jobs released many products
  • Steve Jobs would always leave the office before Tim and would stop by his office and compare notes on the day
  • Apple embed privacy into all of their products – they believe it is a basic human right
  • They didn’t want to just do the things they are legally required to do re. privacy
  • Apple run the business on 100% renewal energy – they are now focussing on their supplier partners to do the same for them
  • They have set the audacious goal to create all future products JUST from recycled materials
  • These values (privacy/equality/sustainability) are not “bolt ons” – it has to be baked into the design of the product
  • The values need to be operationalised – otherwise they are just a marketing thing
  • The “Think Different” slogan is still embedded very deeply in Apple – they don’t play the same game that has been played for centuries, they are playing a new game
  • What is Tim’s highest value? His revelation came in his upper thirties when he realised that the sole reason we are here is to help somebody else
  • And Tim says that when you realised that, live get’s so simpler

19/11 – 14:12

Apologies, we’ve been busy…

But by far the high from Day 1 was the Salesforce Keynote, you NEED to see this video:

And the two big announcements?

Customer 360 Truth

A set of capabilities that unites all your data points to build a single view of your customer.

The real life example demonstrated showed a Louis Vuitton customer reaching out to a support representative not having to request a order number from a customer in the live chat of their application as they already knew this – due to the Customer 360 product.

Einstein Voice Capabilities

Einstein can now give guidance, through voice across the entire Customer 360

The real life example given at DF19 showed a customer calling up their car rental company looking to extend their car rental. Einstein was able to answer (as the customer support assistant for the car rental businesses) and validate the customers identity, pull up their booking details and extend a car rental – without ever having to speak with a person.

19/11 – 05:41

Ok we’ve now collated what we believe to be the MUST SEE sessions during day 1 of Dreamforce, click the links to add them straight to your Event Builder:

19/11 – 03:49

It’s happening today! We’re excited…

So let’s kick off with 8 things you CANNOT miss this week at Dreamforce 2019.��

Here’s a summary:

  1. Keynote Speaker: Barack Obama
  2. Performer: Fleetwood Mac
  3. Conga���s Silent Disco Party
  4. Into the Blue ��� The B2B Marketing Bash
  5. Keynote Speaker: Marco Bizzarri
  6. Keynote Speaker: Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka
  7. CRM Science Giant Puzzle Party
  8. The Equality Festival



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