Guy Rubin @ #SaaSGrowth

Our CEO Guy took the stage at #SaaSGrowth 2019 to explain Ebsta in just 90 seconds…

Relationships Drive Revenue



Good afternoon everybody,
My name is Guy Rubin and I’m the CEO of Ebsta.
Ebsta help more than 1,600 customers around the world realise the power of their relationships.

I have one question for the room.

Put your hand up if you agree that one of the most important part of a sales process is building strong relationships?
If you are managing a team of sales reps and account managers, one of the biggest challenges is
measuring how engaged the team are with your
customers and prospects.

Relying on reports based on what reps manually record in Salesforce doesn’t give you the insight you need.
Just Imagine if every Opportunity, Contact and Account in Salesforce had an engagement score out of 100 that moved up and down based on your reps real activity.

By using engagement scoring in your forecasts you could identify leads, opportunities and customers not getting enough attention, before they close lost.

That’s the whole idea behind ebsta.

Ebsta also brings Salesforce to life by populating Salesforce with:

• Every person your business has ever interacted with
• Their most up-to-date contact information
• A 360° view of every email, meeting and call
• And notifications if someone is OOO or leaves the business

So in conclusion Ebsta scores engagement, and populates Salesforce with activity and engagement metrics for you to use in your forecasting.
Ebsta also makes sure every relationship and activity is recorded in Salesforce, all without any manual effort from the reps.,

If you are interested in finding out how Ebsta can help your business drive revenue through engagement come by the booth to find out more.

Thank you very much!


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