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Ebsta has partnered with Sales Confidence! Find out more……

What is Ebsta?

Ebsta empowers businesses to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships to drive revenue across the entire customer lifecycle. We aim to identify everyone your business has ever interacted with and seamlessly enriches Salesforce with a 360° view of each connection.
Every activity, insightful relationship and updated contact record. Having this kind of information show up automatically in Salesforce is great for salespeople because it saves them time, minimises errors and helps them know more about their prospects and customers.
Of course, when you’re selling, knowledge is power. Ebsta analyses and scores every interaction you have and prioritizes the relationships and activity that will actually drive the revenue. As well as allowing you to accelerate the performance and productivity of your sales and success teams’ with the insights and a suite of sales enablement tools to deliver high-velocity growth.
Ebsta provides Salesforce solutions for more than 8000 terrific companies, including Zoopla, Peakon and Unbounce. Ebsta was No9 on Sales Confidence’s most recent Best SaaS Companies To Work For list. It was described as a…
Dynamic, challenging workplace. Filled with great, friendly and talented people.’
Company-wise, Ebsta was founded in 2012 and is based in London.

Meet Guy

Guy Rubin is the Founder and CEO at Ebsta.
Guy is a firm believer that relationships drive revenue. Ebsta’s products aims to help salespeople deepen their relationship with their prospect or customer. This is a belief Guy has transferred to his team at Ebsta, who build relationships first and sell later.
Guy hasn’t spoken at a Sales Confidence event yet, but that is going to be remedied soon.
Don’t miss Guy Rubin at SaaSGrowth 2019, a summer conference for all things B2B sales and leadership. Guy regularly writes articles on LinkedIn. Make sure you check out his latest piece and show him some support.
Ebsta run a podcast called Sales Ops Demystified. Definitely subscribe to that one!

Elevating the London SaaS scene

For Guy, forging a partnership with Sales Confidence is about relationship building. Building a community is all about making connections, and there are few who are as well-connected as Guy, not to mention as willing to make introductions.
There is so much knowledge to share at Sales Confidence.

Let’s get together

Come to SaaSGrowth to meet Guy and Ebsta, its a pleasure to be part of the Sales Confidence community. 
You can find out more at SaaSGrowth site. To find out how Ebsta can help boost your revenue by deepening your customer relationships, visit here.


Calum Morrison

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