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Visual Workflow Builder

Send an email. Wait a few days to see if it’s opened. Then send a follow up. Ooh, someone replied to your email – let’s stop them receiving the rest of your drip emails. You only want to send on weekdays? Fine. Need to create yourself tasks in Salesforce at certain stages? Fine. You can do all of this and lots more using Ebsta’s automation engine in Gmail.


Automate Your Email Campaigns

Program your emails to be sent out automatically on a schedule. Add recipients from Gmail, or grab up to 250 Contacts from Salesforce or a CSV file. Build in Salesforce tasks and follow-ups and track email opens and link clicks.

Super Personalisation For Prospecting

Don’t just send prospects the exact same email that goes to everyone! Add a line to the first email template mentioning a blog your prospect authored. In the next, refer to the fact that you recently connected with them on LinkedIn. Let Ebsta’s email campaign automation take care of sending emails and reminding you to do tasks, while you improve performance by making your standard email templates unique to each recipient.


Reach the Inbox, Get Read

It’s legally required for mass email senders like Mailchimp, Hubspot and Pardot to include unsubscribe links on every email they send. The trouble with this is that most emails end up in the ‘Promotions’ tab, or are filtered away from the User’s main view.

With Ebsta, you’re simply setting emails to go out in the future from your own Gmail account. Of course, you’re not required to include unsubscribe links on normal emails you send – therefore you never need to worry about your important emails going unseen.

Auto-Pause – What Sales Have Wanted Forever

It’s the small things in life that can make a big difference. Take Ebsta’s Auto-Pause for instance. A simple rule that says “If someone responds to an email in my campaign, don’t send them the remaining 6 emails”. If only everything in life could be so simple.

Share Email Templates and Campaigns

Whether it’s your marketing team setting up email campaigns, or Mavis in Accounts who happens to be a ninja in HTML, Ebsta Templates and Campaigns can be shared across teams or divisions so everyone can benefit.

You’re a simple install away from having the ability to run awesome email campaigns in Gmail.

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