Salesforce Integration

Bring every missing contact, phone number, job title and social account you engage with into Salesforce
Sync to Salesforce (hi res)
Stay ahead by having Salesforce automatically update every contact in real-time.

Maintain an evergreen Salesforce

Ebsta analyzes every email and alerts you in Salesforce of every OOO and disconnected email so that you never pursue a departed or absent contact.

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360 degree view

360° customer view

Integrate your mailbox with Salesforce and don't miss out on any vital communications. No more tedious inbox searches or asking team members to be cc: on customer correspondence. Users can parse through entire email threads when viewing a record in Salesforce.

Eradicate administration for your sales team

Save hours drafting the same emails repeatedly. Use well-crafted email templates for each stage of the pipeline. Personalize emails to thousands of prospects without breaking a sweat.

salesforce templates

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