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3 Essentials Your Salesforce Email Integration Must Have


3 Essentials Salesforce Email Integration
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Have you found a Salesforce email integration solution that your sales, marketing, and CRM departments all love?

You should be more than satisfied with how you connect each employee inbox to your CRM. A Salesforce email integration must automatically log activities, make adding contacts easy, and provide tools to efficiently maintain data.

A recent study showed 55% of top-performing companies are investing in sales enablement technology to drive sales productivity. So what exactly should this software have, and what should you make sure it definitely does not?

A Salesforce email integration must have:

1. Alignment across Sales, Marketing, and Operations

align sales and marketing

Leaders of the sales, marketing, and operations departments need to agree on a solution that boosts sales productivity, ensures accurate data for marketing campaigns, and is security approved by Salesforce admins. Your team needs the ability to work and collaborate at hyper-speed.


2. Intelligent Data Capture

Intelligent data capture for Salesforce

The best solution will allow you to every email, meeting, phone conversation, and other activity from your team to customers and prospect against the relevant Salesforce object without the need for user interaction. It will also ensure privacy controls are honored so only users with appropriate permission sets can see activities for a particular record. And wouldn’t it be great if it did so without taking up any Salesforce storage?

Another essential feature for a Salesforce email integrations is the ability to capture and keep up-to-date every human your organization has interacted with, using customer engagement scoring. Unlocking this information allows you to instantly discover which team member has the strongest relationships with each prospect and account for leveraging new opportunities.


3. Sales Productivity Tools: Email Tracking, Send Later, and Calendar Sync

Sales Productivity Tools: Email Tracking, Send Later, and Calendar Sync

The essential inbox tools to boost sales productivity should be a given:

    Add Email to Salesforce
  • Relate 100% of emails (received and sent) to Salesforce that relate to matching Leads, Contacts, Accounts and/or opportunities.
    Send Later
    Meeting Scheduling
    Email Tracking
  • Use automatic tracking for open and link click, smart desktop notification, and email tracking analytics

Avoid Salesforce email integrations that:

1. Treat Customers like Robots, Not Humans

The people responsible for implementing sales enablement technology to improve processes needs be satisfied with the solution and ability to report success. However, users of the new software must also be happy with the ease of use and productivity gain (not loss!). Sales enablement software providers need to provide adequate training resources and technical support to ensure customer success for both decision makers and users alike.

2. Require Manual, Linear Processes

Any “solution” that requires complex manual steps to capture data is not a true Salesforce email integration. Say goodbye to adding emails manually with a bcc to Salesforce, or using tools that don’t quite get the emails visible in every related lead, contact, account, and opportunity.

3. Have a Slow, Buggy User Interface

Sales need to focus on finding new prospects and selling, and they need to do so fast. They don’t want to deal with a frustrating, buggy product that adds time to sending emails. Make them more efficient with a world class product that has a responsive support team.

It is important to find a Salesforce email integration solution that cover (and avoid) the points listed above to maximize your investment. There are a lot of tools in the market including Cirrus insight and Yesware that can be compared on review sites like G2Crowd.

G2Crowd Email Integration comparison

Ebsta has you covered. Let us walk you through a product demo or get started right away with a free trial.

Kyle Graden

Kyle is a digital marketer with a background in technology, non-profit, and government.