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3 Ways to Delight Your Customers (Hint: Integrate Email and CRM)


It is increasingly becoming hard for brands to get data from their customers, keep that data relevant, and efficiently use it to provide excellent customer service. However, it is not impossible. Here are three surefire ways to delight your customers when you integrate email and CRM (individual inboxes for your employees, not just your marketing automation platform!).  

1. Ensure Their Data Is Protected

Mary Meeker’s latest KPCB Internet Trends Report reveals that 96% of digital users are concerned about data privacy and how companies they’ve decided to trust are using that data. These concerns affect how your customers will engage with you. For example, in the last year 74% of consumers have limited their online activity.   data privacy Pay attention to legislation like the EU General Data Protection Regulation and make sure you are prepared when they go into effect. Be sure to inform your customer why you need their data point and how you will use it. Transparency is key.  

2. Keep Their Information Up-to-date

According to this chart by eMarketer, business professionals in the US are are frustrated when they receive email communications that fail to provide personalization that make the message relevant to their wants or need. Whether it’s a failure of timing, having accurate information, and/or too many email communication, having stale data is the root of many annoyances.   integrate email and crm   Make it easy for your sales team to maintain data fidelity by encouraging the adoption of your CRM system and by making it as easy as possible to update customer records, log emails, and sync calendars.  

3. Respond To Their Inquiries Faster

The second top desire from customers this year is more responsiveness from customer service departments and knowing customers needs based on the products they currently use (35.2%), according to Hubspot. The top want is improvements to the product and services (43.9%); but how can you achieve that if you can’t keep track of customer feedback?!?   integrate email and crm Don’t waste time sifting through your inbox or emailing team members to track down conversation history. Makes sure these interactions are accessible to everyone that has a touchpoint with customers. In order to please your customers in each of these ways, it is imperative to integrate email with your CRM system. Whether you use Gmail, Exchange, O365, Lotus, Apple mail, etc., Ebsta with help you ensure your sales reps, customer service agents, and marketers have the most relevant data for each prospect and customer.   Are you ready to integrate email and CRM? Request a demo today or get started with a free trial.  

Kyle Graden

Kyle is a digital marketer with a background in technology, non-profit, and government.