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4 Simple Hacks to Help You Stay at the Top of Your Sales Game


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The early months in a sales position can be exhilarating, you take on a new role and, filled with enthusiasm, you’re soon performing at the top of your game. Time goes by, and it’s all starting to feel a bit more routine; what can you do to help keep your sales tactics fresh, month in, month out?

Plan Your Week

h At the beginning of every week, take some non-contact time to work out what you’re going to do in the week ahead. Start by looking back at the previous week; a tool like Salesforce is invaluable for this, letting you review past customer interactions to see what has worked well. Once you’ve got your to-do list, go through it and apply the 80/20 rule – decide which 20% of leads will give you 80% of your revenue and make those your top priority.

Eat Your Frogs

Mark Twain said, ‘Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of your day’. In other words, get the tough jobs done first and don’t procrastinate and leave them until last. It’s a solid productivity hack that will give you a buzz of satisfaction in the early part of the day and let you concentrate on connecting with prospects for the rest of it.

Tech Your Tasks

If you’re in a tech sales company, then it makes sense to let the tech do the talking. Are there any tasks that you regularly do that you could automate? Is it worth making a free webinar available on a certain aspect of your product? Could you record a video that you can put on your site or send via email to let you make a quick sales connection with numerous people at once?

Take Breaks and Exercise

You need to fit downtime into your day, too. We can only work for a limited period before we need to take a break and reset; get up for a glass of water, go outside for some fresh air and try to hit the gym (Researchers found going to the gym at work in a lunch-break improves concentration, productivity and ability to cope with stress). Staying on your A-game is tough, but these simple tips will help you to get organised and improve your productivity. PS – There’s also a strategic way to drink coffee, but that needs its own post.

Ricky Wheeler

Ricky Wheeler is CMO at Ebsta, responsible for all aspects of Brand, Product and Communications.