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5 LinkedIn Hacks for Finding Talent


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With 500 millions users and counting, LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool for recruiters and employers alike. This savvy network hosts a plethora of skilled individuals with the exact skills that you’re looking to recruit for your company. The catch? There are plenty of recruiters also trying to get their hands on these skilled professionals.  The beauty of LinkedIn is that it offers way more than a list of job qualifications.Recruiters are opened to an abundance of information ranging from recommendations to endorsements, making your candidate search 10x easier. With this being said, finding talent is easier said than done and that’s why we’ve come up with 5 hacks for finding LinkedIn talent.

1) Showcase company culture

Have you ever looked at a company’s LinkedIn page and thought, “I would love to work there”? By having interesting content, you can increase your outreach, making recruitment a lot easier. LinkedIn recruiting goes far beyond just posting vacancies, it’s really about showcasing the benefits of life at your company. Share photos of your team, upload funny videos or even write fun facts about your employees, just make sure your company profile stands out. When you share this content on LinkedIn, it will reach people who are already following your company profile and who else would be a better candidate for a role at your company than someone who already follows your brand?

  2) Share vacancies on groups

LinkedIn groups are a goldmine when it comes to sourcing talent that’s hard to come by, mainly because recruiters rarely use this platform to share vacancies. Connecting with fellow recruiters and accessing information is something many recruiters struggle with yet they’re not aware that groups are easily sourcing this knowledge. Looking for a new marketing manager? No problem, just share the vacancy on a marketing group. Searching for a developer? Well, there’s no harm in posting the vacancy in a tech group. Taking advantage of this feature can make all the difference when recruiting and even if members aren’t fit for the particular job, it’s more than likely that they’ll know someone who is.

3) Advanced search

So, you’re recruiting for a new role on LinkedIn but where exactly do you start? Typing, “marketing manager” into LinkedIn doesn’t really cut it as you’re shown an abundance of profiles ranging from managers who currently reside 12 hours away to retired marketing managers. Finding passive candidates really shouldn’t be that difficult but luckily with LinkedIn, you can easily find candidates that are perfectly suited to your job role. LinkedIn advanced search is a handy tool that allows recruiters to not only search keywords that appear in candidates profiles but to also narrow down the search by location, school, industry and work history.

4) Send personalised messages

Many recruiters still make the age old mistake of sending the same message to tens of candidates at a time. The problem with this? Well, nowadays people know the difference between an automated, quickly made message and one that has been crafted with time and effort. If you find your perfect candidate, it’s really not worth losing their interest by sending them a templated message. Relevancy is the key to success when it comes to recruiting so it’s vital to stand apart from the LinkedIn clutter by crafting a message so enticing that even the best of candidates won’t want to miss out on your offer.

5) Use Ebsta for Bullhorn

LinkedIn is a brilliant network for recruitment but when you’re talking to more than one applicant at a time, it can get rather overwhelming. Using integrated platforms like Ebsta for Bullhorn can help to facilitate the recruitment process by allowing you to store all your contacts in one place and track progress of applicants without even leaving LinkedIn. In the recruitment industry, time is money so any tool that can help to facilitate the process can only be seen as a worthwhile investment.


Hiya! I’m Dayo, the Marketing Communications Assistant at Ebsta. I’m a keen tweeter and blogger who you’ll probably find writing about anything Salesforce related.