5 Reasons Why Ebsta is The Most Popular Cadence Tool

Sales cadences help salespeople successfully engage with more prospects by automating follow-ups and email send outs.

Reps can build a more personal experience by leveraging multiple channels. A sales manager can also define a standardized sales cadence to ensure that the inside sales team follows a predictable process to accelerate the conversion ratio.

This streamlined process helps to identify and improve the sales workflow over time, and to optimize it further. Thus, cadences help to convert leads into qualified opportunities in a predictable manner.

Moving away from Hubspot, Salesforce Inbox, Outreach or any other competitors in this space, we can see that Ebsta cadences are taking over, with 5-star reviews on sites like G2Crowd, Capterra and Salesforce Appexchange.

If you’re considering introducing cadences into your business or looking to find an alternative then continue reading the top 5 reasons why our customers choose Ebsta as the leading cadence tool:

5 Key Differentiators

1. Flexibility to trigger steps
Ebsta cadences allow you to run automation rules based on the task created. Unlike our competitors, Ebsta users have the ability to schedule more complex cadences with more complex conditions.

2. Ebsta cadences are directly linked in Salesforce Campaigns
Users are able to view their Ebsta cadences in Salesforce, where they’re able to see a consolidated view of the campaign members as well as their status.

3. Enrol recipients into an Ebsta cadence via Salesforce
If users have a Chrome extension already installed, they’re able to directly add recipients into an Ebsta cadence without leaving their Salesforce org, and vice versa.

💡 Top Tip: Ebsta allows you to send cadences on behalf of others.

4. Enroll up to 500 recipients at any one time
Ebsta’s cadence tool allows users to add 500 recipients, by either manually adding the recipient’s contact details, uploading a CSV file, or having the option of selecting a list in Salesforce.

5. Pricing
We’re already aware of the other Cadence tools in the market, however Ebsta offers a plug-and-play fully integrated solution that can get up and running within 10 seconds, and can be leveraged by Sales, Marketing and Customer Success. Most of the competition price this tool at $50+ per user/per month, however Ebsta cadences are part of the Inbox package costing $30 per user/per month.

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