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5 Simple Sales Tips for Cold Calling Success


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As a sales person, there’s absolutely nothing more enjoyable than picking up the phone and trying to sell to someone who doesn’t know your product – right? Not quite…

For many, cold calling is a frightening, fear inducing aspect of sales which should be avoided at all costs. After all, what’s the point of making calls if they’re just going to be sent straight to voicemail? Cold calling can be tricky but it’s an effective method of turning leads into prospects. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 simple sales tips for cold calling success.

  1. Prepare an opening statement

I’m sorry to say this but the classic, “Hi, do you have 5 minutes to talk?” is getting seriously played out. Chances are that your prospect doesn’t have a lot of spare time so it’s essential that you don’t only grab their attention but you also retain it. Your prospects are more likely to engage in a conversation where value is added – look below:

“Hi Steve, I’m Dayo from Ebsta. I understand that you’re currently having trouble with missing data on Salesforce and we know this is an issue that we can solve. We’ve been able to help companies such as Uber, LinkedIn and Zoopla with this problem and they have seen a massive increase in efficiency. I’d like to ask you a few questions…”

A lot more effective, right?

  1. Send prospects a promo item

Name one person who doesn’t like swag. Can’t think of anyone? Well, I’m not surprised. Sending your prospects free promo is a good way to spread brand awareness and start an otherwise awkward conversation. Sales is all about setting yourself apart from the competition. Ditch the classic branded pen and try sending promo that your prospects will genuinely be excited to receive.

  1. Be okay with rejection

Unfortunately, hearing the “no” word is bound to happen. It doesn’t matter how good of a sales person you are, there will always be one person that’s not interested in your product. “Selling ice to Eskimo’s” doesn’t really work in B2B sales (or any situation, really) and that’s okay. Sometimes as a sales person, you need to brush off rejection and move onto the next qualified lead.

  1. Leave a voicemail

Believe it or not but voicemails aren’t dead ends – they’re opportunities. Look at it like this, a voicemail can be seen as a mini sales pitch. It’s a simple way to introduce your prospect to your company and gain interest. Use this 10 second timeframe to completely wow your prospect into actually calling you back. Share a sentence into how an upcoming legislation may affect your prospect (hint, hint GDPR) or even discuss how much their company could benefit from your product. Just make sure that you don’t waste this 10 second gold mine.

  1. Integrate cold calling with marketing tactics

You’re less likely to obtain results if you reach out completely cold. By adding your prospects to a targeted marketing campaign, you can begin to break the ice leading to a more meaningful conversation. In sales, it’s important that you know your prospect but also that your prospect knows you. Warming up is an essential aspect of sales and it’s where a lot of modern day sales reps are going wrong.


Hiya! I’m Dayo, the Marketing Communications Assistant at Ebsta. I’m a keen tweeter and blogger who you’ll probably find writing about anything Salesforce related.