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The 5 Tools That Will Revolutionise the Way You Run Your Business


tools to revolutionize business
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The rise of apps and evolution of the technology world is not something that you should admire from afar – it can innovate the way your company works. From saving time to helping you achieve outstanding customer service, business apps can revolutionise working life across all industries. We’ve put together a list of the most productive business apps that could parachute you and your team into the modern era and ultimately change the way you run your business: (Of course we want to put Ebsta’s Managed Package on the list for a revolutionary 100% accurate Salesforce email integration but we’ll just address it in brackets up here instead!)

1. Expensify

When multiple people in your team are spending money on business trips, events and products (or apps after this), Expensify can help keep track of all expenses. Simply take a photograph of a receipt and it will capture it and store it ready to build an expense report. It also tracks time, mileage and business travel so having to write all your payments down and having stuffed pockets full of receipts will soon be a thing of the past. expensify 123

2. Boomerang

Your company probably receives thousands of emails a week so how does your team keep track of them all? Forgetting to reply to a customer and not knowing that a prospect hasn’t got back to you could prove costly. Boomerang solves these issues by managing your inbox. You can schedule to send an email later, get follow-up reminders and an alert if you don’t hear back from someone. Email communication is vital so be sure to keep it efficient, effective and easy. boomerang 123

3. Tripit

If your team is off to a big-time event like Dreamforce or to a small networking event in the city, Tripit takes all the stress away from planning the journey and attempting to get everyone else to book the exact same journey. It organises your trips and gives you a simple, easy to read agenda which you can then share with your colleagues. directions

4. PowWowNow

Everyone has meetings here, there and everywhere and sometimes, at the most inconvenient times. With PowWowNow, you can conduct meetings on the go with two-way video and the ability to share PowerPoint presentations and important documents/reports. You’ll never miss a meeting again proving to your customers/prospects that you are willing to go above and beyond to meet their needs. pow-wow-now 222

5. Uber

Despite Uber’s recent world domination, it’s still surprising how many business people still don’t use the tool. It makes journeys easier, safer and far more efficient with a 1 tap to ride feature where you can get picked up anywhere. You can also track a driver’s location as you wait and get a text alerting you to when they’ve arrived. Forget wasting time on public transport, Uber is driving full speed ahead to get you to your destination. Th Uber Technologies Inc. car service application app Changing the way your company works can seem like a stressful concept but the impact that it will have on workflow, customer service and productivity will undoubtedly make it worthwhile. Trust in the app world and get on-board with the new school way of doing things. Be sure to check out the new Ebsta Salesforce Email Integration as another way to change the way you run your business!

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