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You Must be Yolking! – 6 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Easter


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Easter is upon us. Mouths full of chocolate. Lips covered in the good stuff. And a 4-day weekend to spend out in the warm-ish Spring sunshine. We have to admit, it’s all very eggsciting and that’s why we’ve put together the top 5 reasons why everyone falls head over heels with Easter.

Bunny Brawls

It’s not everyday that you get to see the normally well-behaved Easter Bunny causing a raucous in a shopping centre. It was a hare-y affair and gained a substantial amount of media coverage which made us all crack up. It has been reported that the nation now has to decide whether the Easter Bunny should keep his role model status and seek anger management or shower the country with some Cadbury classics. I know what we’re all hopping for.

Cracking Yolks

There’s nothing more irritating than an office comedian; a Knock Knock joke has never had us panting for breath on the floor. However, Easter is the one time of the year that we leave our pessimism at the door with all of the empty chocolate wrappers and open our ears and our hearts to the yolks. Here’s some of the classics we’ve been hearing around the office: What happened to the Easter Bunny when he misbehaved in school? He was eggspelled!   Knock Knock! Who’s there? Sherwood. Sherwood who? Sherwood like an Easter egg like yours!   What sport are eggs good at? Running An eggsplanation is not needed although a couple of fake laughs might be.

The Animal Swoon

In every day life, swooning over a picture of an adorable little lamb will generally be laughed out of the office door. But at Easter, a time of great change, it is different. Screensavers bare tiny ducklings in hot pursuit of their Mother Duck along an idyllic river. The sights coax sighs of contentment from people around the office as they all stop to admire such a beautiful picture. Grown men shed tears. Women comfort them. We are united in our great love of the animal swoon. LAMB-SCREENSAVER

Enticing Eggs

You no longer have to wake up in the morning to boiled or fried, you’re satisfied because there’s only one choice and it’s chocolate. The shelves of every supermarket are overflowing with eggs the size of faces and it’s almost impossible not to spend your entire life savings on them. Here’s some of the most beautiful creations we are yet to demolish: M&S MS-EGG Thorntons CARAMEL-EGG Here at Ebsta HQ, we have enjoyed far too many Easter eggs and have now vowed to never eat one again. At least, not until Sunday.

Days off Work

Days off work are few and far between and even when you’re off work, your mind is still on it. There’s a cure for that and it’s called Easter. When 6 o’clock on Thursday rolls around, we will be doing a (subtle) victory dance all the way to the underground station. So indulge yourself in those mini eggs, take a selfie of your morning lay in and sit back and relax with the family. It’s all your new year’s resolutions rolled into one – thank you Easter. We want to spread some happiness in a time where there seems to be little of it. From everyone here at Ebsta, have a wonderful Easter.

Katrina Holmes

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