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7 Sales Sins to Avoid


Sales and Marketing

Even the most advanced gurus haven’t mastered the art of B2B sales and that’s because it’s an art that can never quite be mastered. Yes, sales can be difficult – but there are some sins you really shouldn’t be committing. With so much at stake during the sales cycle, it’s important to ask yourself this one question: “Am I a sales sinner or a sales saint?”

1. Lack of Research

Going into a sales call unprepared is like expecting to win the lottery without actually entering the draw. As a sales rep, it doesn’t make sense to miss out on a profitable opportunity just because you didn’t do your research. Not knowing anything about your prospect’s role or company will only dissuade them from buying your product so it’s in your best interest to research your prospects.

2. Selling to People Who Aren’t Interested

It’s the end of the month, you’ve not hit any of your sales targets and you’re wondering why you haven’t converted any of your leads. Does this situation sound familiar? Yes? Well, it’s likely that the problem is that you’re talking to people who don’t have a genuine interest in your product. When it comes to sales it’s quality over quantity. Sales reps – stop wasting time on leads who don’t have the money to spend or the pain points to relieve.

3. Not Selling to the Decision Maker

Let’s face it, sales can be a long and gruelling process and it’s even worse if you’re selling to the wrong person. Selling to anyone but the decision maker is just asking for your time to be wasted yet a surprising number of sales reps make this rookie error. It’s essential to choose carefully when you’re prospecting because time wasted on the wrong prospect is time that could’ve been spent on the right one.

4. Talking Too Much

Sales reps have a proven record of doing too much talking and not enough listening – this is where they’re seriously going wrong. If you feel that your call is turning into more of a lecture than a conversation then it’s time to take a step back and evaluate if your call is providing value to your prospect. By listening to your customer’s pain points, you can create a customised sales pitch increasing the likelihood of closing the deal.

5. Forgetting to Follow Up

Let’s picture this: you’ve just got off the phone with your prospect and they seem really excited about your product.  They’ve shared their problems with you and your product can solve every single one of these pain points. They can’t wait to roll out your solution to the whole organisation and then…  you never hear from them again. The single biggest mistake sales reps tend to make is not scheduling a specific time and date for their follow up call. In many ways, the follow up call is more important than the initial call as this is what gets the sale rolling and guess what? It can simply be guaranteed by asking your prospect for an exact follow up date and time.

6. Not Consistently Prospecting

In B2B sales you really shouldn’t be going through dry periods. To be a successful salesperson, you need to always be thinking of new, innovative ways to find more leads. Prospecting is an incredibly easy skill to master and it can range from cold calling to even asking for referrals on LinkedIn. By consistently prospecting you’ll always have a backup in case anything doesn’t go quite to plan.

7. Selling Features Not Benefits

Ever wondered why you’re not quite hitting your sales targets? It’s probably because your sale sounds more like a script recital than a sales call. By discussing the benefits to your customer, you can create value in your product, leading to a buying decision. The best way for your customer to lose interest is by rambling on about something they’re not even interested in. It’s time to turn your calls around by giving your prospects personalised pitches.


Hiya! I’m Dayo, the Marketing Communications Assistant at Ebsta. I’m a keen tweeter and blogger who you’ll probably find writing about anything Salesforce related.