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A Day in the Life of a Developer


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Developers are a mystery. Hidden behind computer screens and earphones, it’s almost impossible to get an insight into a day in their life. Luckily, we have a tech team brimming with developers and one that didn’t mind being shadowed for one whole working day – our Senior Developer Edd.


Like any great Ebsta tradition, the day started with coffee in abundance. It set us up for an intense meeting with the CTO and Senior Technical Architect on what needed to be done and what challenges we were facing. Edd’s responsibilities include overseeing new issues or developments in all aspects of tech, bugs that have arisen in a live product and issues occurring in testing or support. As we’re briefed, workload and issues are prioritized and ordered based on the most urgent allowing us to get down and dirty with the products immediately. Within minutes of settling down to work, a couple of the other developers had an issue. Edd joined in the debate and soon enough, all three of them were crowding around a computer finding a solution. It soon became obvious that working as a team was key in the day to day running of tech.


The day progressed with Edd working his way through the list of things to do. I sat quietly observing him tapping in code with ease and liaising with the team like old friends. They bounced off each other with jokes and anecdotes until the headphones were whipped in and we were plunged back into concentration mode. Mid-afternoon and our Senior Product Manager Dan called Edd over during a remote session with a customer. The new customer said that the Ebsta tool was not working as they expected. However, the tool was in fact functioning correctly but the customer had misunderstood. Edd looked into this further and gathered information from the client’s screen during the remote session that would help track/replicate any issue. He then went to check our error logs and all of the data in the system to ensure that there definitely wasn’t an issue. After determining that, he quickly done some research into potential short term workarounds to make the customer happy and ensure that the misunderstanding didn’t occur again. He confirmed this with the CTO and implemented an update into the live product and handed over the details to Dan so he could update the customer. edd 123 As the day drew to an end, Edd had been liaising with multiple departments and dealing with tech issues across the company. Although he was non-stop, he clearly made a huge difference to the products and the team. I definitely learnt a thing or two, even if it was the old ‘turn it off and on again’ clearly didn’t solve everything! To wind down, the tech team regrouped and headed down to the local bar for a drink. Spending time outside of the office together is vital to maintaining strong relationships amongst the team and something that we try to do regularly at Ebsta. A day in the life of a developer has definitely been an intriguing one.

Last Word

Before I put down my notebook, I asked Edd to sum up working as a Developer at Ebsta and what a new Developer should expect from the role. Here is what he had to say: “In order to do this successfully, not only do you need technical skills in the required areas (.Net, front end skills, server management etc) but the ability to work in a structured environment and be methodical in approaching any issues that arise. Organization and initiative are paramount alongside great communication skills. Joining the Ebsta tech team will ensure you are challenged on a daily basis, having to manage this work load, set expectations, prioritize work when complicated scenarios present themselves and take on the responsibility of seeing through fixes and changes end to end independently. Ebsta isn’t a place where people leave the office at 5 o’clock but that’s all part of achieving the end goal. What I really love about working at Ebsta is that no two days are the same and no two problems are resolved in the same way. From a personal development perspective, Ebsta encourages any developer to think for themselves, gives you vast exposure to a wide range of technical skills and technologies as well as the constant mission to enter new product spaces and explore new technical solutions. Ebsta is very much a family unit, and everyone here is dedicated to reaching a common goal and take the company onto the next level, and having a trusted key role in that process is very empowering from a developer standpoint.”

Katrina Holmes

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