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How to add your email to Salesforce form Gmail in one click


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CRM isn’t just about collecting contacts, keeping a calendar or logging progress. It should be a library of relevant information that powers your team. What insight could you benefit from? What makes this contact/account different? In a previous blog we showed you how to add links to Chatter and in this one we are going to help you add an email to Salesforce.

Email to Salesforce from Gmail Setup

Set up takes just a couple of minutes and once it’s done you can add emails with just a click. Install Ebsta and follow the instructions to login. 3 new buttons will now appear in your Gmail account. That’s your setup done! So how do you add an email to Salesforce form Gmail? Well there’s three options Lightning add, Add email and save on send. lightning add email Ebsta will recognise if the sender of the email is a contact in your Salesforce, with one click of the lightning add button it will attach the email to that record.

add email salesforce

Maybe you want to add the email to a different contact or account? Click this button then specify where exactly you want it to be added. send and save email to salesforceIt’s not just incoming emails that are useful keeping track of what you have sent is also important. Click save on send to attach your outgoing emails to the account or contact you choose. That’s it! With just a handful of buttons you can now add an email to Salesforce giving you that extra bit of knowledge before contacting your prospect or client. Be sure to check out some of our other blogs showcasing Ebsta functionality, right click search, lightning window open and adding Chatter links. If you find this app helpful or have any questions please let us know or write a review on the Appexchange.

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