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The 5 April Fool’s Day Pranks that the Ebsta HQ Office Believed…


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Hello April Fools – please be kind to us. We say that having turned up at the office to discover that no one has the key to let us in. Cue delirious panic. Phone calls to various people. Tech slumped nervously on a floor like a Friday evening wreck. After 5 minutes, our Product Manager whipped out the key and reminded us that our troublesome friend, April Fools has again arrived. Not quite the usual hilarious joke that you would expect from a day like today but it definitely caused quite the early morning storm. We are now sitting on the edge of our seats, hoping that someone doesn’t propose a million-pound deal only to utter those fateful words that will has us weeping into our coffee. Just to make you (and us) feel better about this sorry affair, we’ve put together the top 5 April Fool’s pranks that will have you disbelieving everything about today, even yourself.

1. The Trousers

As a tech company, we’re down with the internet of things but we have to admit, that this did knock us for six. Wi-fly? Genius. Get up alert? Yes please. Keep-your-pants-on mode? Erm, not sure we need that bit. Thanks anyway Artik. trousers

2. The Parachute

As ‘millennials’, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to change the norm especially if it makes things quicker and easier for us. No wonder we all got excited when a very plausible advert by Google offered us the chance to have our deliveries by parachute. We’re not gullible, we’re just tired.

3. Selfie Shoes

Miz Mooz got in on the #Selfie craze with this hilarious advert for a Selfie shoe. The joke, however, might be on them as we can guarantee that women across the world were ready and waiting to buy these bad boys.

4. The Office Chair

We’re all busy, important business people who can’t walk from one place to another quick enough. The answer? Audi’s autonomous office chair that whizzes you here, there and everywhere on your calendar AND allows you to avoid your boss where necessary. Shame it’s not true really.

5. Lego Glasses

We’ve all done it – lost the vital piece of Lego that we need to build the helicopter masterpiece that will undoubtedly win us the (under 5’s) awards. Lego got us all hot under the collar with glasses that would solve our biggest challenge. Unfortunately for us, it was all one big fat lie. Lego Glasses The moral of the blog? Keep your wits about you today; not everything is at it seems. It’s unlikely that ‘Superdry’ will make a ‘Superfly’ jacket that allows you to fly across the globe or that a real DeLorean has been made to take you back to 1845. So, in other words, good luck!

Katrina Holmes

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