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Why Salesforce Users Are Giving Up on Automatic Email Sync 1.0 and Moving to Ebsta’s Enterprise Edition


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Automatic email sync for Salesforce sounds good when you say it out loud – ‘automatic’ and ‘syncing’ both giving the impression that the User has to do absolutely nothing in order to achieve their goal. So it comes as no big surprise that people left email to Salesforce behind and automatic email syncing became reasonably popular. But soon enough, Users noticed that what these tools provide is less quality and more noise. Ultimately, it’s that age old dilemma of quality vs quantity and when it comes to CRM software, quality always comes out on top. But users are thrown off the true course of data quality when automatic email sync tools like Implisit and Matchmymail promise to higher productivity and ensure accurate data. Here are the fundamental problems with those claims:

Problem #1 – Adding all emails is not user-friendly

For most people, time is of the essence so a tool that syncs everything you need automatically sounds like the ultimate solution especially when you put them up against User-focused Salesforce email integrations. Take Implisit as a primary example. It captures all of your emails and claims to boost users’ productivity by 10%. Undoubtedly, productivity would increase when the user has been taken out of the equation but when you get down to the logistics of this, not only does the User have to get through a lot of emails to find exactly what they’re looking for but they have to remember to manually go through the Unresolved Items that the tools fail to find. The result? The bad data issue remains. Capturing all of your emails is as time-saving as having none of your emails in Salesforce if they’re not increasing the accuracy of your data. Why? Because either way you’ll be filing through them looking for relevant correspondence and still using out-of-date contact information. Boosting productivity by 10% is undoubtedly an advantage but productivity would be increased far more if users weren’t wasting time simply looking at emails but not understanding the relationship with the Prospect/Customer. Emails only tell half the story so how can you provide the best customer service possible?

Problem #2 – Unresolved Items

When using automatic email syncing tools, they’re not 100% accurate when finding a match for emails within Salesforce. If it can’t find an exact match for the email such as a contact name, it will go into ‘Unresolved Items’. Users will then have to go into ‘Unresolved Items’ and assign them to the correct account. Having to check ‘Unresolved Items’ and then having to delegate them to the appropriate account requires time, effort and user motivation. All three of which are unlikely to happen. When people see the word ‘automatic’, they expect it to always be exactly that. Most users will never check ‘Unresolved Items’ or won’t assign them to an account leaving data inaccurate. This is a huge downfall for Implisit and MatchMyEmail users as it’s a sales-focused tool and accurate data is imperative for sales. Matchmymail claims that Salesforce records are always up to date because ‘the app never sleeps’. Unfortunately, Salesforce records are not up to date with 7/10 people in our survey of Salesforce Usage stating that they always have inaccurate/missing contact information such as an email address or a contact number. More alarmingly, Match My Email may never sleep but it does dispose of your data if left for 45 days.

Problem #3 – Salesforce storage is expensive

One of the fundamental problems with syncing all emails to Salesforce is that Salesforce storage is expensive. You’ve already invested in the tool; you shouldn’t have to invest in storage space too. Matchmymail wrote a blog about Salesforce email integrations and stated that according to the Radicati Group Inc, there are 974 million business email accounts worldwide that send and receive 108 billion emails per day. As an automatic email sync for Salesforce user, imagine your percentage of 108 billion emails per day being added into Salesforce. Digest this next statistic. Our Salesforce Usage Report found that 32% of people in companies all use Salesforce. If all emails from this 32% are synced into Salesforce every day, Salesforce storage space would quickly run out. Utilize the investment you’ve already made in the tool that should be giving you a vital insight into your emails.

The Solution

Ebsta’s Enterprise edition is the healthy medium for organisations that need their emails in Salesforce and all the rich data that’s stored in them but don’t want to change user behaviour. Imagine everything you have stored in your email is automatically displayed in Salesforce:
  • Email communication including sent and received emails
  • 100% accurate phone numbers, job titles and social profiles
  • Alerts to employees no longer at an organisation
How does Ebsta’s Salesforce email integration gain this information? By analysing content stored in:
  • Auto-responders
  • Out of office replies
  • Email signatures

The Failings of Automatic Email Sync for Salesforce

There are four main facts to remember when understanding the failings of automatic email syncing for Salesforce that Ebsta’s product solves: Fact: There is rich data hidden away in your mailboxes whilst your Salesforce data is left to stagnate. Fact: Having access to this rich data in Salesforce without having to manually add it will save time and increase productivity Fact: Having access to this rich data will show you any new Opportunities or Accounts in danger Fact: You need 100% accurate data to increase the ROI of Salesforce Fact: Email visibility in Salesforce doesn’t give you an insight into customer relationships – Ebsta Enterprise does. Admittedly, it all sounds like a lot of information taking up that expensive Salesforce storage space but we’ve solved that too; it’s all stored on Ebsta’s secure platform. The result? Users will have a Salesforce email integration that provides 100% accurate, up to date Salesforce data, have instant visibility into email communications across their organisations, see the velocity of relationships between colleagues and customers and generate accurate reports off the back of the 100% accurate activity logging. Sell more, forecast better and ultimately, have the Salesforce that gives you what you need, when you need it.
Ready to gain insight into customer relationships? Take a company trial for free today!

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