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The Benefits of Using Trailhead You’d be Mad to Miss Out on!


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If you mention the word ‘Trailhead’ to a Salesforce User, you’re normally met with an ‘oooo’ or an ‘aaaaa’ – sounds most associated with the 5th November, not a free Salesforce learning resource. However, at only two years old, Trailhead has surpassed its original goal of ‘transforming how customers learn to use Salesforce by radically simplifying and redefining the learning experience’. Not to mention everyone’s new found love for the 90’s trend of displaying badges. Here’s why:

The Pros of Using Trailhead

‘Trail’ from the Latin ‘sequor’ meaning ‘to follow’ successfully re-engages adults in self-learning in 3 key ways: 


As adults, the joy of playing games wasn’t left behind in childhood, swept up in our memory and never to be enjoyed again. Salesforce understood the need to bring our old friend, learning, back to the forefront of our adult minds by introducing Gamification to the Trailhead experience at Dreamforce 2014. A year later welcomed thousands of new Gamification applications, starting a trend that isn’t set to go anywhere other than smack bang on our radar with an expected market of $5500 billion in 2018.


It’s a challenge in itself to get adults with a hectic work schedule to actively spend time learning; it’s an even bigger challenge to make it so user-friendly that they don’t find it a chore at all. With a simple but sleek design, Trailhead succeeds at this. Making it a thoroughly clean experience with the offering of different roles and levels, even the modest User can make their way through a trail without having to do a Hansel and Gretel and leave breadcrumbs all the way to the finish line.


Whatever your age, it’s always nice to be rewarded when you get something right, even if it’s a pat on the back and a smile. However, Salesforce offer far more than the classic Wolf of Wall Street style reward with the opportunity to win badges and share them on your LinkedIn profile. It’s safe to say that as a Trailhead User myself, there is a secret thrill that comes with putting up a ‘Data Modeling’ badge on my LinkedIn profile and I’m not ashamed to say, I always let out a somewhat surprising squeal.

Trailhead and Salesforce Administrators

Although Trailhead is designed to help all Users, whether they’re a Developer, Administrator or front-end User, it has proven to be hugely helpful to the Admin community. In our Salesforce Usage Report 2017, 89% of Salesforce Administrators surveyed were actively using Trailhead and of those, 86% expected to earn a higher salary in 2017 as a direct result of using the resource. Why? Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 11.38.20According to our results, one of the biggest benefits of using Trailhead is helping to improve their organisation’s revenue and therefore, proving the ROI of Salesforce which is after all, one of the main reasons for implementing the role of the Salesforce Administrator in the first place.

How Trailhead Has Changed the Game

Pre-Trailhead, Salesforce Users were left to their own devices when attempting to learn the best ways of using Salesforce. However, post-Trailhead, they now have access to a free resource when and as they please. Not only can this help to increase one of the biggest Salesforce challenges – user adoption – it can help drive sales, marketing and customer success efforts. We are team Trailhead all the way! Discover all the latest Salesforce trends and behaviours with our 2017 Salesforce Usage Report here.

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