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The 5 Best Ever Swag Giveaways at Dreamforce


dreamforce swags
Come September, the whole of San Francisco will be getting their SWAG on at Dreamforce. To give you a taster of what to expect, we’re taking you back in time to show you the best swag from past Dreamforces. Let’s get swagtastic! 1) 3D Printers – Intacct were getting the tech bubble buzzing with completely free 3D printers. Unsurprisingly, people were queuing up to get their hands on these bad boys so they could create their own 3D magic. Needless to say, they were a huge hit and Intacct were revelling in their swag success. 2) Autographed Metallica Guitar – The Inside View were rocking Dreamforce-goers’ world with this fine piece of swag. Crowds gathered to find out who had got lucky and won one of America’s coolest heavy metal band’s guitar. Whoever they were, we salute you – we’re still doing the air guitar. 3) iPad Mini – Marketo were jumping on the tech wave and giving out iPad Minis. This was a genius swag choice with everyone at Dreamforce needing an iPad or laptop to make notes, download apps and survive the whole experience! 4) Tesla – SFDC is a contender for the best swag of the decade with a rip-roaring Tesla car giveaway. As one of the only companies that has given away a car, Dreamforce was thrust into first gear excitement! They certainly took the phrase ‘drive your way to Salesforce success’ to whole new levels. 5) Mustang – Exact Target rivalled Tesla for the best swag in San Fran town with a Mustang. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or not, everybody fantasises about owning a Mustang and Dreamforce-goers were no different. Lets just say that the whole of Dreamforce was soon singing ‘Mustang Sally’. These are just five of the best swag giveaways but there are heaps more that can set your heart racing. Sign up for ours at and you’ll be ready to put them on your list of favourites. Happy Dreamforcing!

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