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Drive Better Business Insights with Ebsta and Nuvem Consulting


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In our 2015 Salesforce Usage Report, we found that 7/10 people said they always encounter missing data in their Salesforce records alongside 70% of users claiming that their biggest Salesforce challenge was data quality/missing information – this just will not do. We’re on a mission to banish this bad data and give you everything you need to accelerate your sales efforts. Check out the 2017 Salesforce Usage Report to find out the new trends and behaviours!

How we can help

With so many Users encountering the same issue over and over again, we’ve joined forces with Nuvem Consulting’s Co-Founder Matt Dillon who specialises in Salesforce Consulting to bring you our free How to Drive Better Business Insights with Strong Data Governance webinar so you can learn how to better manage your data.

What will the webinar include?

Cleansing your data might sound like a mundane task but it doesn’t have to be. Learn strategies and the tools you need to tackle inaccurate data to ensure your departments have everything they need to surpass KPI’s with ease. If you don’t, the cost of this data can be hugely damaging to your organisation. Big mistake.
Join Matt and Ebsta on Thursday 31st March to learn more about:
  • Common Data Entry Errors
  • The Cost of Bad Data
  • How to Create a Data Governance Plan
  • Establishing Data Standardization
  • Developing Application Management Plans
  • Release Management
  • The Best Data Cleansing Tools and Tricks

Katrina Holmes

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