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Ensure Business Success with Currin Compliance Services


Currin Compliance Services are the answer to all businesses that find themselves fighting against the ‘red tape’ of insurance compliance. From across the pond, we interviewed Director of Technology Chris Copeland on what Currin Compliance Services does, what the potential business risks are and how innovative technology has helped the company succeed.  

Tell us a bit about Currin Compliance Services and how it all began.

We are a company devoted to insurance compliance and regulatory matters. We serve as consultants to life insurance carriers and their distribution partners (marketing organizations, agents, etc). Our founder, Cailie Currin, began CCS in 2007 as a sole proprietor. Even in this tightly niched market, business quickly grew and new service offerings were added resulting in CCS now employing 16 consultants and support staff working in 4 states.

What does your role as Director of Technology involve?

From the beginning, CCS has been a company committed to using technology to its fullest advantage, which has helped us streamline our workflow and project turnaround. I was brought in at the very beginning to help Cailie best utilize current technology options. We started with a server based network model with an in-house document management solution. As we’ve grown, we have transitioned to cloud based services that allow us to seamlessly integrate remote and mobile staff. This includes a heavy reliance on Salesforce, SpringCM and Gmail. We have also transitioned to SIP phones. So in general, if it plugs, powers up, connects to the internet, or gets logged into, my job is to handle the installation, implementation, training and maintenance of it.

What are the most common issues or concerns that clients come to you with?

Review and compliance issues with various state regulatory offices, training of staff regarding compliance issues, and filing various documents with regulatory departments on their behalf. Large fines, negative publicity and having their product pulled from the market. Hire CCS to help walk you through the Compliance process! We’re very good at what we do.

How has the switch to the Cloud changed Currin Compliance Services?

Probably the biggest advantage is being able to provide a seamless workflow experience to all of our staff no matter where they are working. Remote offices easily have the same access as local workers. We are also able to lean on the security knowledge of our vendors who have much more resources to protect our data than I do as an all-in-one tech guy.

How do you use emerging technologies to increase team productivity?

Establishing workflow procedures has been a huge help with work continuity. We are now also able to communicate the current status of a project with our clients much more efficiently. This has also allowed us to drastically minimize the use of email as a way to have a client open a new project, which we always found to be inefficient and unsecure.

How does CRM benefit your team day to day?

Our whole team is now working with the same data in real time. Customer information is more accurate. Most importantly, we no longer have 12 different versions of a document on 4 different user computers. As a file or project moves through the process, we all know exactly what is going on as needed.

How does Ebsta help you to deliver the best customer service?

It makes it so easy to save the email to our records in Salesforce. We tend to save messages with the specific record/project they correspond with instead of just with the Account and Contact. This makes it very easy to find the pertinent message quickly when a question arises.

What Ebsta feature do you find most beneficial?

Tough choice. The ability to save a sent or received email so easily to the exact place we want it to go. We can search for the exact record so quickly across multiple Custom Objects. It does all of this without being obtrusive or onerous. As an added bonus, the staff I have worked with at Ebsta have been amazing. They went above and beyond to get us on board, and have continued the same level of service and support after the sale. Storing email to Salesforce has been the most difficult issue we have faced with our transition to Salesforce. We tried numerous products and methods, but until Ebsta they were all a chore to deal with, and in all other cases we had to change the way we worked in order to use their product. Ebsta’s Salesforce Email Integration is simple, smooth, intuitive and powerful. We love it.

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