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Salesforce Hack: Convert Leads without creating an Opportunity


Salesforce Admin Tips
When converting leads in Salesforce, it’s sometimes easy to forget to check the ‘Do not create a New Opportunity’ checkbox. That can can be a real problem because lot’s of Opportunities are created (by accident), when Leads are being converted to Contacts outside of a typical sales process. The good news is you can create a Salesforce Hack to stop this happening. In this blog I will show you how create a custom button to convert Salesforce Leads without creating an Opportunity. Here it goes:

1. Create a custom button

Click “Setup” at the top of your Salesforce screen – this will take you to the admin page. On the left-hand side navigation select:
  • Customize (to expand options)
  • Click Leads (to expand further)
  • Select Buttons, Links, and Actions
This will take you to the page for managing your Buttons, Links and Actions. Click the “New Button or Link” option as shown below. Fill in the following details:
  • Label: This can be whatever you want. In this example I’ve used “Convert No Opp”
  • Name: Same applies
  • Display type: Select “Detail Page Button”
  • Behaviour: Select Display in existing window without sidebar or header
  • Content Source: Select URL
In the large text area below paste the following script then click Save: /lead/leadconvert.jsp?retURL=%2F{!Lead.Id}&id={!Lead.Id}&nooppti=1 You’ll be taken to a page to double check everything is correct.

2. Add the button to the leads page

Now that our button is created, we need to add it to our Leads page. Navigate the following:
  • Customize (to expand options)
  • Leads (to expand further)
  • Page Layouts
This will take you to the page to manage the Layout of the Lead Page. Click Edit next to the Page Layout you want to effect. At the top of the next page you will see Lead Layout panel. This will allow you to place various elements into the page. In the panel click “Buttons” on the left. The button you created will be in here with the label that you’ve given it. Simply drag the button into the Custom Buttons section. Click Save in the Lead Layout panel. Now when you go into any lead you’ll be able to click your shiny new button to convert your leads without a worry in the world.  

Soroosh Avazkhani

Junior Developer at Ebsta. Obsessed with finding and sharing all the best Salesforce Admin hacks to help you achieve Salesforce greatness!

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