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Why CRM Adoption is Essential for Non-Profits


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Charities are strange beasts.  When a charity professional hears the acronym CRM he/she does not automatically think ‘database’ but ‘Cause Related Marketing’, a different thing entirely. Charities are unique in other ways: there aren’t many other types of organization, in which 5 different departments could potentially be researching and targeting the same prospect, for different reasons. Picture this: A high net worth individual (Major Donor Department and Legacy Dept.) has recently been a guest at a ball (Events) where it comes to light that he is on the board of directors of a large blue chip company, currently being pursued for a Charity of the Year relationship (Corporate Dept.) and his wife is a Trustee of a Grant Making Trust (Trust Dept.). There would be a very good reason for a fundraiser from any of these departments to research this person using social media.  What should happen then is that they would share these findings with colleagues by way of the charity’s CRM; but how often does this actually happen? People have a unique kind of loathing for charities that are inefficient and that waste money.  That £2 that you’ve just wasted duplicating an admin task could have been some hard up granny’s monthly gift, scraped together out of her pension, and given in memory of her late husband, who died of the very disease your organisation is supposed to be raising money for. Replicating work that someone in another department has spent time doing is inefficient. Exposing this inefficiency to a donor is disastrous. But updating your CRM is probably at the bottom of your to do list.  After all, you have events to organise, mail packs to produce, runners to recruit, thank you letters to write and money to raise.  And if you are anything like me (12 years in the NFP sector), you are a bit confused about what a CRM is anyway. So, what’s the point? The Third Sector has to accept that an up to date CRM is an absolute necessity – more so in this Sector than in any other.  And how do these organizations make this happen?
  • Make it a priory, at the top of the to do list not the bottom
  • Reinforce this message, to all staff, with training
  • Use the tools available to make the task less onerous (check out
  • Make sure that all actions (calls, emails, mailings even SMS messages) are logged
Do all this, and your supporters will marvel at your efficiency.  And they will continue to support you and your worthy cause. Ebsta’s Salesforce Email Integration can keep this CRM data more accurate than ever more.

Ebsta offers eligible NPO’s up to 3 licences for free and £5 for every additional user after that. Register for your NPO Account today.


Clare Hallsworth

Clare Hallsworth heads Product Marketing at Ebsta, having transferred her skills, after over a decade in the charity sector. She spent 2 years as Commercial Director at OLT for Whitewater, a Fundraising Consultancy, and ran the Bobby Moore Fund for mega brand charity Cancer Research UK for 5 years. Clare has a B.A in Psychology from the Exeter University.

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