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The 4 Ways to Reward Your Customers with the Customer Service That They Deserve


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Have you ever felt like a company truly cared for your needs? It’s certainly a rarity. Long gone are the times when a company remembers your name, what problems you need solving and the conversation you had with them two days previous. These companies are missing a trick after a study conducted by Zendesk on ‘Why companies should invest in the customer experience’ showed that 85% would pay up to 25% more to ensure a superior customer service experience. We’ve put together the best ways to help give great customer service and ensure that the 55% of people that are willing to recommend a company due to outstanding service are recommending yours! Increase client retention rates and use these top tips:

Tackling Customer Issues Quickly

One of the top reasons for a customer switching brands is poor quality of customer service so don’t leave them waiting. The quicker your response, the happier your customer will be so use tools such as Zendesk to help you track all your support tickets and your response times. Use the reporting feature to determine if you’re giving the best customer service possible and if not, find ways to change it.

Keep Open Communication

Customer service teams are the go-to people for customers so it’s vital to keep open communication at all times. It’s impossible to deal with every issue at the same time but Livechat allows you to speak to customers online in real time. It gives you the chance to answer customers in the fastest way possible and also allows you to customize the chat screens to show your company logo and profile.

Utilize Social Media

Customers are taking to social media more and more to review products and their customer experiences which means you need to deal with any negative (and positive) feedback as soon as it arises. The Zendesk study showed that 95% of customers have taken action as a result of a bad experience. Whether this is a negative review on a social networking platform or elsewhere, prospects have the opportunity to form an opinion on your company based on this. If you respond quickly in a professional and helpful way, you’ll eliminate the chances of the issue having a negative impact on your company’s reputation. Tools like Conversocial helps monitor your customer engagement on the social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. You can keep up to date with any issues raised and user discussions so you can respond as soon as possible. Mention is also a good tool if you simply want to see when your company has been mentioned on social media so you can then go on to respond.

Getting Feedback

A great way to get an insight into what your customers think of your product/service is to get their feedback. You can do this by calling them and finding out how they’re getting on or using to conduct a survey so you create a report like we did with our Salesforce Usage Report. However you decide to do this, discovering what your customers like and dislike will help you deliver better customer service and develop your product to meet further requirements. These are just four ways that you can give great customer service using the tools available to you. Check out how Ebsta Sync gives you instant insight into customer relationships. Always remember the classic saying of ‘the customer always comes first’ and you will be heading to customer service success.

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