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Salesforce AppExchange – Top 3 Takeaways From DF 2017


Since Ebsta was a sponsor at Dreamforce 2017, I had the privilege of traveling to San Francisco earlier this month to attend the learning event of the year and the largest software conference in the world. Ebsta has been listed on the Salesforce AppExchange for 4 years, with our most recent product, tools to mitigate GDPR regulation risk in Salesforce, becoming available just last month, so I wanted to spend my week getting up to speed on all things AppExchange. The Salesforce AppExchange is the #1 business app store where users can find the apps, components and more to extend their CRM. In fact, a majority of of Salesforce customers (87%) are using AppExchange apps. Here are my top 3 takeaways from Dreamforce about the Salesforce AppExchange.

1) Introducing the Salesforce Store

The first thing to know is that the Salesforce AppExchange has been rebranded to be the Salesforce Store, which contains four new main focus points: personalized discovery, Trailhead learning, lightning solutions, and industry expertise. This transition brings new features for end users searching for new apps, consulting services, and/or content, but also consists of changes for brands that have a listing. As an app that is listed on the Salesforce Store, we are particularly excited for the fresher listing pages, personalized experience, and intelligent search. The new listing pages now have product screenshots to visualize what apps do, peer reviews directly on the listing, and information displayed when hovering over app tiles. Check out the Ebsta app listing on the AppExchange. So why are we are excited for personalization and smarter search? Well, selfishly it’s because users like you can easily find Ebsta as a solution for your email integration, LinkedIn integration, and GDPR enablement needs. Go ahead and give it a try! Type “email i” into the search, choose the auto-populated “email integration”, and view the results. Hint: you should have seen our app listing for Gmail and Google Calendar integration with email tracking features.

2.) From Salesforce AppExchange Listing To Full Partnership

Salesforce AppExchange Partner Having an app listed on the Salesforce AppExchange is great for exposure to Salesforce users, but Dreamforce encouraged AppExchange partners to go beyond a mere listing and make an effort to truly partner with Salesforce. Leyla Seka, Executive Vice President of AppExchange, said it best in the AppExchange ISV Keynote: Winning Together in the Salesforce Ecosystem: “Whether you’re small or big or mid-sized or industry focused or functionally focused, it really doesn’t matter. If you’re building enterprise SaaS applications, we should partner together. Our job is to create as many choices as possible for our customers, so that when they are trying to solve a business problem, they have many options.” Improvements consist of the AppExchange Trailblazer scorecard to help us partners focus our efforts and track progress. Additionally, there are new program tools to accelerate the time to market such as a checklist and new payment tools. Leyla made it clear that Salesforce will always keep working hard to make it easier to do business with them.

3.) Diversity Matters

New this year at Dreamforce was the Equality Summit, which brought in speakers from various backgrounds to share their stories and inspire us all to do more. From Michelle Obama to Ashton Kutcher to Dr. Vivienne Ming, there was a plethora of brilliant minds sharing the stage. The common theme of all the Equality Summit speakers was that diversity matters and should be prioritized. It’s true that having a diverse team contributes to business performance, but it should be a focus because creating cultures of inclusion is simply the humane thing to do. Although our marketing team is small (we are three people strong!), we are quite diverse and very proud of it. We represent three different nationalities, have three distinct gender identities, and have three unique sets of marketing expertise. Everyday we collaborate to make our product offerings clearer and to create content that is useful in your search for solutions. Want to get a taste of our data management solution? Start a 14-day free trial today or request a 1-1 demo.
Louise Bartlett

Louise Bartlett

Louise is the VP of Marketing and Partnerships. Louise heads up our Marketing department with an abundance of knowledge in the software industry.