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The Ultimate Dreamforce Survival Kit


Dreamforce Survival Kit
Here at Ebsta, we have Dreamforce experience in abundance so we’re sharing our 10 must-haves for surviving the biggest tech conference in the world. You heard them hear first!

1) Comfortable shoes

Sessions, activities and workshops aren’t all next to each other. Your feet will be working almost as much as you will so pack a comfortable pair of shoes to prevent yourself needing a late night massage back at the hotel.

2) Backpack

Every Dreamforce-goer will be getting a bag so don’t just leave it in your room, take it everywhere with you. Events will be so swagtastic that you’ll need it for all the skateboards, frisbees and crazy gadgets you’ll receive.

3) Business Cards

You will be networking the entire time so be remembered as an A star ‘Dreamforcer’ and hand out your suave business cards.

4) Notebook/iPad

Information will be coming at you from all angles. Be prepared to jot/type it all down so you can use it after one of the hip ‘n’ happening parties to prove that you have, in fact, been working.

5) Snacks

Although you get a free lunch at Dreamforce, never underestimate the need for a protein bar or big bar of chocolate to keep your energy levels up. You’ll be walking here, there and everywhere so keep yourself energised and ready to throw yourself full throttle into the San-Fran mix.

6) Drink

It’s summer, it’s scorching hot and you will be quenched for thirst within the first few minutes of arrival. Use your free Dreamforce flask and fill it up at the water stops along the way. Cabs are extremely difficult to get and the walks will feel like a marathon without it.

7) Event Map

There will be thousands of people, hundreds of places to go and you asking for directions. Take a map so you have clear guidance on exactly where you’re going.

8) Chargers

You’ll be tweeting, texting and using your phone so much that your battery will inevitably die. Find a plug, whip out your charger and you’re saved! It’s the same with your iPad and Laptop; they’ll never be turned off so be ready to recharge.

9) Hand Sanitiser

As you network, you will be shaking hands over and over again. Keep some sanitiser in your pocket and whip it out when needed and before eating. The last thing you need is a cold on your Dreamforce trip. You’ll thank us for it after.

10) An Open Mind

Dreamforce is a bubble of different companies, cultures and personalities. Go there with an open mind willing to see, try and demo new and exciting things and you will reap the benefits ten times over. Now we have given you all the secrets of a Dreamforce survival kit, don’t forget to come and meet the Ebsta team to see our new product launch. Go to to book a meeting!

Katrina Holmes

Hey, I'm the Content Manager at Ebsta responsible for creating and maintaining our web content, blogs and our hip 'n' happening social media presence.

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