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Ebsta’s Day Out at The Salesforce World Tour in London


We’d been waiting for it ever since the talks started simmering under the surface of social media accounts across the globe at the start of the year. London braced itself for the influx of Salesforce Users that would soon take over the Excel building in East London and we all cleared our diaries for a day that allowed us to celebrate, innovate and ultimately learn more about our favourite CRM software. Welcome the Salesforce World Tour.

Salesforce World Tour – Where It All Began

The day began with a great chance for some networking which the Ebsta team clasped with both hands. We love submersing ourselves in the mix of different industries and companies so this was the perfect opportunity to meet and greet (over a coffee or three). After some initial early morning hand-shaking, it was time for the first breakout sessions. From AppExchange for Everyone: Apps that Make a Huge Difference to the 5 Best Practises to Build a Scalable Customer Experience, there was a mapped out learning curve for every individual there, regardless of their position. We particularly enjoyed Meet Pardot: Drive Sales with Intelligent B2B Marketing by Salesforce because Pardot has excelled our marketing efforts far beyond what we’d hoped so we were intrigued to learn more and hopefully, do more. High five for team Pardot.


As midday struck, and Darth Vadar entered the main hall of the Excel building, people started flocking into the much-anticipated keynote speech fronted by Chief Adoption Officer, Polly Sumner. We took our seats a few rows back from the front and took a couple of quick snaps of the surroundings. People were still mingling in their groups and the trickle of noise took a while to die down before a rendition of ‘I’m Feeling Good’ broke out from a little-known show’s former contestants, Jack Pack. Once we were warmed up and the applause had an appreciative enthusiasm to it, Polly kicked off with a thank you which highlighted the work of the Salesforce MVPs, partners and customers. Admittedly, we were smiling. The keynote spoke about what is being called ‘The Age of the Customer’ which focuses on what we should all consider the most important part of our business – the customer experience. After all, the reason we all implemented Salesforce in the first place was to provide better, more advanced customer service so now it’s our turn to take the baton once more and follow Salesforce’s lead by providing a better, more advanced customer experience. One key takeaway was when Polly enlightened us to the core values of Salesforce:
  • Trust
  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • Equality
All of which we hold as values and make us proud to work with Salesforce.

Afternoon Activities

After the keynote, we headed out to the Customer Expo to see the newest developments in the eco-system that we thrive on. Seeing all the new innovations is incredibly inspiring, especially to those of us that were attending a Salesforce event for the first time. Once inside the cloud-like Customer Expo, we were eager to try out the Trailhead zone. As my early experiences of Trailhead taught me, the benefits are far greater than you first imagine. So naturally, I champion Trailhead to the team on a daily basis and saw this as my prime opportunity to sell them the Trailhead dream too. Within a few minutes of entering the zone, the team were all smiles and fist pumping which by Ebsta standards, meant it was very, very good. We continued to wander around the venue, meeting great people along the way and stopping for the occasional demo before tucking into the free hamburgers and wraps on offer. Safe to say, some of us went back for seconds. Soon after, we all went our separate ways and enjoyed a packed schedule of breakout sessions. With a willingness to learn and an open-mind, we went in to each of them hopeful that we would bring something out of them that could change our outlook on a daily task or enhance the way we normally work. Now, you may be thinking – did you all get something out of it? Until this morning, when we all regrouped with our notebooks on our comfortable office couches, I didn’t know about the others. I felt invigorated by what I now believe that I can achieve with our marketing campaigns – not because of the examples Salesforce showed me but by the seeds they had started to plant in my thinking. Others agreed. The whole team is thankful to have taken a day to soak up the energy of the event and really get under the skin of this multi-layered system. Plans are now being put into action because of the Salesforce World Tour so for that, and for so much more Salesforce, we salute you.  
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