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Ebsta back Step Forward to Place Young People in the Salesforce Ecosystem


How does a 19 year old, fresh out of secondary school with zero experience manage to get a full time job in the Salesforce ecosystem? Well, Step Forward’s your answer.

What is Step Forward?

step-forward-logo Step Forward is a 12 month school leavers programme that aims to bridge the gap between education and employment by giving young people the resources they need to bag a full time job. More and more graduates are leaving university without the relevant work experience so ask yourself this – what’s the difference between employing a school leaver and a graduate? Step Forward’s apprenticeship scheme supplies employers with young, hungry, ambitious school leavers with a similar skill set to that of graduates – the only difference? School leavers are A LOT cheaper. By connecting young people to top employers across London, such as Ebsta, Bloomberg and Salesforce, Step Forward gives 17-20 year olds the professional networks they need to have a successful career.

So… How does Step Forward work?

“Earn while you learn” I’m sure you’ve seen the posters sprawled around London (with its beaming background and bold writing, it’s kind of hard to miss!). ‘Earn while you learn’ is ultimately the best way to describe what an apprenticeship consists of. Apprentices spend four days of the week in work, and one day training towards a nationally recognised qualification. The skills and knowledge learnt on the training day are all applicable to the work they’re doing in the office, so they can put their abundance of knowledge to the test. The training day is mutually beneficial for employers and apprentices – senior staff have a day to themselves, where they can concentrate on their personal work, and apprentices get a day out of the office where they can really concentrate on enhancing and developing their skill set – and they get a qualification at the end of it!

How does Ebsta back Step Forward?

salesforce-theatre Step Forward has a specialised Salesforce pathway – why’s this? Well, because the Salesforce world is the place to be, the CRM giant is growing at an exponential rate and its growth isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. Bringing young people into this thriving environment is beneficial in more ways than one and by meeting the right people at events (World Tours, meet ups, user groups), Salesforce apprentices can pave their way to a successful career. Ebsta is a Salesforce application found in the AppExchange. We integrate Gmail, Outlook and LinkedIn into Salesforce, automating complicated sales processes. Salesforce is all we do here at Ebsta and our business simply wouldn’t thrive without it. Believe it or not, I’m a Step Forward apprentice, and through working at Ebsta I’ve been immersed into the Salesforce ecosystem. Within a month of working here, I’ve had the chance to network with MVPs, travel to user groups and improve my knowledge of Salesforce through Trailhead. A year ago, I didn’t even know what Salesforce was and now it encompasses my whole day. By backing Step Forward, Ebsta has helped to begin my Salesforce career in the best way possible. How many 19 year olds can say that they know where their future lies? Well, thanks to Step Forward and Ebsta, I now have a clear cut career path and I know that in one way or another, I’ll always work within the Salesforce community. Step Forward is an incredibly important initiative. With hundreds of thousands of teenagers spending more than £30 000 going to university with zero idea of where their degree will take them, it’s important that initiatives like Step Forward exist. Competition is growing for low level jobs but there is a massive skill shortage for higher end roles. By training inexperienced young people, you’re building your organisation from the bottom up and ensuring that you will never suffer from a lack of developers, marketers and/or admins.


Hiya! I’m Dayo, the Marketing Communications Assistant at Ebsta. I’m a keen tweeter and blogger who you’ll probably find writing about anything Salesforce related.