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Ebsta Chrome Release (Version 1.157.60) – Bar Customisation


Product News
We’ve just released an update with our newest feature – customisation of the Ebsta bar in Chrome! * Make sure you have the latest version of Ebsta installed to take full advantage of the new functionality.

New Functionality – Bar Customisation

You now have the option of selecting which information you want to display in the Ebsta bar. This will allow you to better adapt Ebsta to your workflows and processes (meaning greater productivity!).

How it works: 

bar-customization The Ebsta bar is split into four sections. By default, the first section contains information relating to a Contact or Lead, the second displays Account Information and the third and fourth sections show any Opportunities and Tasks that relate to the account. To customise your Ebsta bar head to Chrome > Settings > Customise fields. customize-fields   Within the bar tab, uncheck the Use Default Settings box to customise the bar by Section. For section 1 (Contact/Lead) and 2 (Account) of the bar you can:
  • Customise fields (section 1 – max. 4 fields, section 2 max. 2 fields)
  • Change the order of fields displayed
ebsta-customize-fields For sections 3 and 4 (Opportunities & Task by default) you can:
  • Change the Object displayed for each section
  • Customise fields (max. 2 fields)
  • Change the order of fields displayed
available-fields-ebsta If you have changed the Object in sections 3 or 4, you will also need to set the Search Fields and Relationships. This will allow you to configure how Ebsta finds relevant objects (generally name & email fields). You can add as many rules as you wish but are restricted to 5 Lookup Relationships. Take a look at our knowledge base article for more information on how to customise your Ebsta bar.

General Improvements – Support for Meeting Subject in Calendar Booking

By adding your company name into the calendar booking page from Ebsta setup, you can pre-populate the Meeting Subject required field in the booking form. Guests can then edit the Meeting Subject as they require. calendar-booking-setup personal-booking-page

General Fixes

  • Date Formatting improved when adding emails to Salesforce as Tasks from a Campaign
  • Primary skills (and other multi-select lookups) now fully supported, allowing all Bullhorn users to have a large number of values selected
We hope you enjoy the new updates!

Lizzy Robins

Lizzy Robins is the Product Manager at Ebsta, translating complex customer requirements into awesome new features!

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