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Ebsta hack: Lightening Bubble Open


ebsta hack
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I stumbled upon this Chrome feature last week and it makes the perfect Ebsta hack for users wanting to get the most out of the Ebsta plugin. In 3 steps (and only 5 clicks) I’ll show you how to create a shortcut that opens the Ebsta bubble at any time without clicking the Ebsta icon.

‘Lightening Bubble Open’ in 3 Steps.

Step 1

Click your Google Chrome menu in the top right corner next to the Ebsta logo, then select ‘Settings’. menu

Step 2

Make sure you’re in the ‘Extensions’ section, then click ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’. shortcuts

Step 3

Type in the shortcut you want to create for Ebsta (we recommend ctrl+e or cmd+e) and then click ‘OK’. code It’s that easy! In a matter of seconds you can now shortcut to the Ebsta for Linkedin or Ebsta for Gmail window, putting your Salesforce at the heart of your emails and web browsing.

Bernhard Peters

Hi, I’m the VP of Sales at Ebsta and I’m responsible for overseeing the sales team and ensuring you get the most out of our products! I write all my tips, tricks and experiences right here in the hope that they can put you on your way to sales success.

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