Ebsta now integrating with HubSpot

Announcing Ebsta’s New Integration with HubSpot

Today, Ebsta launches its relationship-centric Revenue Intelligence Platform on HubSpot’s App Marketplace, helping 113,000+ HubSpot customers and partners unlock real-time relationship and deal insights to drive predictable revenue growth.

Guy Rubin, CEO of Ebsta, said, “We’re delighted to announce our integration with HubSpot’s CRM platform. With Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform analyzing relationships and deal insights in real-time, it has helped bring the CRM to life with actionable insights that deliver a new way of understanding what’s really driving results through the customer lifecycle. Until now, that was only available to Salesforce customers. Now, HubSpot’s amazing ecosystem can benefit from better relationship and deal insights as used by Copado, Intercom, Impact, and Zoopla to drive predictable revenue growth.”

In the last year, Ebsta has analyzed more than $100bn of pipeline to pioneer a new, data-driven era for sales. By building a collective sales intelligence from millions of deal processes, we uncover the trends and insights that drive optimum performance and results. Throughout, a recurring theme emerged in the predictable nature of relationships and engagement towards achieving revenue growth.

Now, in building an integration with HubSpot, Ebsta is able to help more revenue teams realise the impact relationships and engagement have on forecasting, pipeline and sales performance: 

  • Predict your forecast with intelligent deal indicators and pipeline trends
  • Identify opportunities at risk faster with real-time alerts
  • Power data-driven account-based selling strategies with automated relationship and engagement scoring
  • Optimize sales performance by analyzing the impact of relationships and engagement on win rates, sales cycles and deal values

“We’re very excited to have the Ebsta integration listed in our marketplace,” said Scott Brinker, VP of platform ecosystem at HubSpot. “Their investment in product quality adds meaningful value to the HubSpot ecosystem and we’re thrilled to have them onboard.”

Please explore our integration to learn more or speak to an expert to discover how Ebsta can enhance your revenue growth.

About Ebsta

Ebsta is a relationship-centric Revenue Intelligence Platform for B2B revenue teams. Its product helps high-performing business development teams engage with more target accounts, sales teams close more deals faster, and customer success teams retain happier customers. Companies like Copado, Intercom, Impact and Zoopla use Ebsta to improve win rates and sales cycles, eradicate “guesswork” from forecasting and pipeline reviews, and build high-quality relationships through the customer lifecycle.

Founded in 2012, Ebsta has more than 750 customers worldwide and 500+ five star reviews.

Speak with our experts and see how Ebsta will help improve your sales

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