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Lets go #Crazy with Instagram and Facebook


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We’re excited to announce that after a much anticipated wait, our Facebook and Instagram pages are back in business! You can now hash tag us, like us and share us in your statuses whenever you’re feeling the Ebsta love. If you’re a Facebook-obsessive, the Ebsta page has everything you need to make you feel right at home at Dreamforce ’15. From all our top Dreamforce content to the latest pictures straight from San Francisco turf, you’ll be refreshing our page over and over waiting for more! Be sure to LIKE us and leave a (5 star) review so you can put your footprint on the Ebsta Facebook world. If Instagram has got you hot under the collar, follow Ebstahq and be one of the first to see all our latest escapades from Dreamforce ’15. You’ll be laughing, cringing and ready to pan our CEO for falling off our SWAG Segway MonoRover R2. We’ll repay the favour and follow you back so you can inevitably win that follower-contest you have going with all your colleagues from work. Now we’re feeling like true hipsters being down with the latest social media joints, join us and we can be #lovinglife. Don’t forget that now Dreamforce has landed, you can escape the madness and come to meet the Ebsta team at the Press Club (just three minutes walk from the Moscone Centre). We’ll have cocktails in abundance and networking events to getting you meeting and greeting to your heart’s content. You’ll also get the chance to be let in on the Dreamforce secret of the century with our exclusive new product launch that captures every email, contact and piece of missing data from your Inbox without a single key stroke. Discover it today! Book at now.

Katrina Holmes

Hey, I'm the Content Manager at Ebsta responsible for creating and maintaining our web content, blogs and our hip 'n' happening social media presence.

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