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NEW Ebsta Managed Package Release (version 1.33)


Product News
Welcome to our first official Ebsta Managed Package update entry! This release includes a number of performance improvements and fixes a few bugs.

What’s included in the release?

FIXED: Ebsta now recognises the difference between upper and lower cases when searching email addresses. For example, if was in Saleforce, but the email address was displayed as, Ebsta would say the record didn’t exist. FIXED: Ebsta will no longer blacklist specific email addresses and domains from your search results at the client level. This means that in the short term you won’t have to install new versions of Ebsta every time you want to get the latest blacklisting rules, but it’s really a precursor to a future update that will give Administrators and Users greater control of their own blacklisting requirements.

How do I get the latest version?

Please click here to install the latest version of Ebsta. Then choose “Install for all Users” and click “Upgrade”.

What about future releases?

Moving forward, we’ll always let you know by email about a new update. We’ll also keep a “Product News” category on this blog for you to refer to when needed.


Thanks for all your feedback and support. We love to listen to our Users to understand ways that we can continue to improve Ebsta, so if you have any ideas (the good, the bad and the ugly!) then please let our Product Manager know at

Daniel Remedios

I'm the Senior Product Manager at Ebsta responsible for product strategy, and overseeing Customer Success. I'm always interested in getting feedback from our users, so feel free to email me on with your comments.

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