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Ebsta Release Notes (version 1.155.79)


Product News
A few weeks ago we released a new update (version 1.155.79) that included a new on boarding experience, an enhancement to the “Add Email to Salesforce” and “Save + Send” workflows and some other tweaks and bug fixes. The update should have automatically filtered through, but if it didn’t please go to: Chrome Settings > Extensions > Then Ensure Developer mode is checked at the top > Click Update Extensions now.

1.New Onboarding Wizards

add-email-to-salesforce Ebsta’s new onboarding allows Users to quickly connect to their Google accounts and enjoy a quick-fire overview of Ebsta’s key features (including adding emails to Salesforce, syncing calendars and email tracking). It will appear the first time a new User goes to Gmail. The User can then open it again when they click on the new, turquoise “Ebsta” button in the Gmail bar or the question mark icon in the bar.

2. NEW Calendar Sync Setup

calendar-sync-settings Ebsta’s Calendar Sync setup process gives Users visibility of what Events will sync between Salesforce and Google (by clicking the Preview Settings button) before you commit.

3. IMPROVED “Add Email” and “Save + Send”

salesforce-add-email Ebsta will now automatically remember what Salesforce Object you related to a Contact record when you last added an email to their record in Salesforce. So, for example, I add an email to “John Smith” and also relate it to “Opportunity 123” (despite having other Opportunity options). The next time I go to add an email to John (via “Add Email” or “Save + Send”), Ebsta will automatically pre-select “Opportunity 123” so you don’t have to continue selecting it.  

Other Notable Fixes and Tweaks

  • Tweaked to ensure Ebsta will select the Account related to a Contact when adding an email if not other Object is selected.
  • Fixed to ensure Ebsta buttons appear when the compose window is opened in Gmail directly from Salesforce or by using CTRL-Click.
  • Fixed to ensure Gmail scroll bar retains default size.
  • Fixed to ensure Users can print Google Calendar Events.
  • Fixed to ensure Ebsta doesn’t include unnecessary line breaks when adding emails to Salesforce.
  • Fixed to ensure apostrophes within names don’t impact on Ebsta icons within the Inbox (not showing them).
  • Meeting scheduling software is on it’s way!

Daniel Remedios

I'm the Senior Product Manager at Ebsta responsible for product strategy, and overseeing Customer Success. I'm always interested in getting feedback from our users, so feel free to email me on with your comments.

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