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Ebsta Release Notes (Version 1.157.34)


Product News
We’ve just released a major new update to our Growth Plan that includes Automated Meeting Scheduling and Email Campaigns.

Meeting Scheduler

meeting-scheduler Ebsta’s Meeting Scheduler allows you to create a personalised meeting booking page which you can share with your prospects and contacts. When you send the link to someone they will be able to book an available meeting slot in your diary. You have the ability to specify the days and times you are available and have full control over how far in advance someone can book a meeting, how long the meeting can be booked for etc. For more information please visit our knowledge base:

Email Campaigns

email-drip-campaigns Ebsta now allows you to automatically send out a set of emails referred to as an Email Campaign (or sometimes known as sequences) to an individual. You can determine when and what to send depending on certain outcomes or events e.g. an email reply/no reply or just after a specific time. You can also automatically schedule follow up tasks dependant upon outcomes. Campaigns are shared at company level so an Admin/Manager can setup and provide the campaigns to all users. Users can also setup their own campaigns. For more information please visit our knowledge base: This update should automatically filter through, but if it doesn’t please go to Chrome Settings > Extensions > Ensure Developer mode is checked at the top > Click Update Extensions now. Enjoy the new Ebsta update!

Zac Roberts

Zac has spent his career building and developing products as a Technical Advisor and Developer. Working with Guy, he built the Ebsta product and although he teases with football banter, he is the calming presence in the office.

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