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Sales Management Questions You Can Answer with the Ebsta Score


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The Ebsta Score is your compass in the Sales wilderness – guiding you through the unknown and in the direction you should be heading. When in doubt, it is your key reference point and can show you exactly where you are. Off track? It will help you get back on the straight and narrow. Losing your way is one thing, losing a sale is another. The Ebsta Score is an engagement monitoring tool that provides a number between 0-100, generated by Ebsta’s analysis of interactions with a customer or prospect. By providing real-time insight into the level of engagement, the Ebsta Score helps you identify which Leads, Accounts and Opportunities have been neglected and are at risk ahead of time.

Are We Targeting the Hottest Leads?

How many times has targeting the hottest Leads manifested into a complete guessing game? The honest answer is probably most of the time. Hot Leads are a precious commodity because they’re the answer to the Sales team’s prayers. It’s critical for companies to quickly identify them and then strike whilst the iron’s hot. If Reps wait, their interest wanes and you end up falling down their priority list or worse, a competitor swoops in because they were moving faster than you. Wasting time chasing Leads is a fool’s game – you need to ensure your team is engaging with the right people at the right time. The Ebsta Score allows you to assess the Leads you’re targeting by tracking engagement levels. Better still, if you have any marketing systems, you can blend your Sales and Marketing efforts together. Both are on the hunt for the hottest Leads and you must ensure that your Reps are spending the right amount of time on those that are likely to buy. After all, we all know that by chasing the hottest Leads, you’re chasing the money. Sales Management 1

Are We Following Up with Prospects?

Sales Reps are so busy beavering away with cold calling that they’re forgetting to follow-up. According to a study on Sales behaviour by Sidekick, 80% of sales require 5 follow ups proving that almost nothing gets through with one or two touches. Sustained activity and engagement is key to uncovering the real opportunity. However, there is a line and again, the Ebsta Score can track that. If a Rep has tried to connect with a Lead multiple times to no engagement, you can determine it’s gone cold and move your attention. Eliminate the painstaking exercise of going through each and every record and gain an instant insight into Account activity. If the Ebsta Score is low, you determine how you plan to save the Lead.

Are We Engaging with Prospects?

When your Reps have had high levels of engagement with a Prospect and they’re still not interested, you can then identify what is going wrong with your approach and if the Prospect is worth pursuing. Whichever metrics you want to track from click rates to the time of day that you’re sending your emails, you can use the Ebsta Score to put together a plan of action that can change future outcomes ahead of time. Low engagement can be the real deal breaker. Engaging with prospects is what keeps an Opportunity alive and tracking that engagement should provide you with all the insight you need to enhance your sales team’s performance.

Have Opportunities Stalled?

Pipeline management is one of the biggest Sales Management challenges. According to TAS Group, only 46% of Reps feel that their pipeline is accurate. Get rid of this unnecessary obstacle with Ebsta Score. Here, you can have insight into the Opportunities that have low engagement at each stage of your pipeline so you can identify those at risk and those most likely to close: Sales Management 2 It’s hard to keep up with the varying stages in your Sales pipeline especially when visibility is disjointed. This undoubtedly impacts on the accuracy of your forecasting and means there could be a lot of Opportunities that are slipping through the net. Ebsta Score eliminates this by showing you exactly what is going on in your Sales Reps’ pipeline. If a prospect is in the latter part of the sales stage and there’s been no engagement, that’s a problem. Have the choice to tackle this before the Opportunity drops off the map completely. Sales Management 3

Sales Management Questions Answered with Ebsta Score

After you’ve implemented Ebsta Score, you can depend upon the activity data you use to review the performance of your Sales team for the very first time. Ebsta Score provides greater depth into the engagement with a particular record adding a complete view as opposed to the messy and disjointed view you’ve spent too long working with. You finally have a world where you have access to a powerful metric that adds a new dimension to your stale Salesforce dashboards. Ultimately, Ebsta Score allows for scalable Sales management which allows you to review previous performance and identify risks due to lack of engagement, outliers and Opportunities at risk, so you can allocate the right resources to the right places. By depending on your data, tracking engaging and identifying risks ahead of time, you can successfully impact your bottom line.  
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