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Score the Ultimate Start-up Education Like a Fantasy Football Champion!


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Start-ups are beginning to take the spotlight in the business world priding themselves on their culture, visions and employees. However, according to online statistics, 90% of start-ups fail. Why? Because of investment, poor planning or simply a bad product/service. Those that manage to stick around in the competitive jungle are going to revolutionise the way the world works. They’ve formed they’re own genre and are educating their staff in the new school way of conducting business. I’ve had my own experience of working at a tech start-up so I’m going to put this to you in the best way that I can – in the form of Fantasy Football.

The Academy  

Like any top flight football team, people come up the ranks from junior levels through to management. They’re trained, mentored and are left to perform their skills all year round. Start-ups do this in a very different way. Management teams are open and willing to answer any questions but fundamentally encourage you to learn from the working environment, the culture and the innovative technologies that you find yourself surrounded in. Once you’ve passed your probationary period, you’re ready to join the Premiership team.

Football Managers

CEO’s at start-ups are the fantasists – those that have put everything on the line to pursue their business idea. They manage who comes in and out of their team making decisions on salary and understanding the needs of their employees. They encourage high work rate, discipline when needed and lead the team to success. They also understand their limitations as a start-up so they find innovative ways to work more efficiently. Educating new employees consists of getting them on-board with new apps and tools that can increase productivity and workflow rates. It’s an immediate education on the business world with the likes of CRM being at the centre of the learning curve. Understanding why small businesses need CRM is the key to scoring success. At Ebsta, CRM is the be all and end all. We use Salesforce as the conductor for our entire team and getting to grips with it was all the training we needed to dive headfirst into the customer pool as long as it’s kept up to date with activity and contacts.


In any great defence, you need people that can be the foundations of the team and consistently be able to produce their best work. Tech/product teams are that and more. They build products/services that can benefit consumers/customers and deal with any product issues that arise. The start-up way has taught these defenders to use tools available to them; to take a risk. So instead of having to manually call each individual customer that has a problem, they use tools like Zendesk to allow customers to submit support tickets. Simple, easy and effective ways of communication with the ability to track response times and keep up great customer service.


Midfielders are in the centre of the team – they work with everyone to achieve the ultimate goal. They have to strive towards the strikers to get the product/service ‘out there’ in customerville however, competing with the big guns in the industry requires new skills. Learning about marketing tools such as Pardot for email automation for example, is a much more efficient and quicker learning experience than sitting in a training meeting for hours on end. Start-ups encourage employees to learn this way mainly because they don’t have the means to on-board the way that bigger companies do. It’s also beneficial to say that every employee has added responsibility and self-learning is just another part of that.


Sales teams need help from the rest of team to score the ultimate goal of closing deals. They’re at the front of the team using CRM as the platform to push forward with prospects and sales. This is pivotal to the start-up formation; sales need to have the very best means to sell when they’re competing with bigger companies that have a bigger sales team. In my experiences, they use CRM integrations to keep their CRM up to date so minimal time is wasted on searching for missing data. They’re start-up education has also enabled them to know exactly how to find any missing data using tools like and utilizing that data once they have it with the likes of GoToMeeting. Ebsta uses sales apps every day to help with workflow and productivity.


Finance teams ensure that any mistakes made are dealt with and nothing gets through them unless they let it. Tools like Expensify are there to keep track of all company expenses rather than having receipts busying their desks. Luckily, the nineties style of having a calculator and pen to hand is long gone.

Modern Era 

The education with start-ups is different. They throw you in at the deep end in the hope that you’ll swim. For some, this is a nightmare but for others, it’s an education in itself. Mix in some innovative apps like Ebsta Enterprise and a CRM database monster and you have a complete new way of doing business.

Katrina Holmes

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