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Eight People to Meet at the Salesforce London World Tour


The Salesforce World Tour is pulling up to London this Thursday, and the Ebsta team could not be more excited. Set to be bursting at the seams with presentations, sessions and speeches, we can guarantee that this year’s world tour is one not to miss. Whether you’re connected to Salesforce’s extensive ecosystem through the App Exchange, User Groups or just pure interest, there’ll be something there for you. Salesforce super users will be filling the event, and with so many influential people attending, it’s hard to know who to meet. With this in mind, Ebsta has come up with 8 people that you would be crazy to miss at the World Tour.

1. Tony Prophet @tony_prophet

tony-prophet It’s no secret that the tech industry is seriously lacking in diversity, and with shocking statistics showing that for every 3 males, there’s only 1 female, it might be worth your while talking to Salesforce’s Chief Equality Officer- Tony Prophet. Prophet has led initiatives aimed to achieve both LGBTQ and pay equality, and with all of this experience at hand, it would be a good idea to get a few tips from this equality Einstein during his Breakout Session.

2. Oliver Lee OBE

olivier-lee-obe The Salesforce Ecosystem is developing at a rapid rate and with large growth comes change. There are millions of jobs that need to be filled in this booming ecosystem, and a portion of these jobs could be fulfilled by apprentices. Lee is the Chief Executive of The Challenge- a leading charity aimed at empowering young people. You can speak to him at the Keynote to discover how and why your company really should start hiring apprentices.

3. Hamza Abib @iGotCertified

hamza-abib Hamza Abib- also known as the insanely intelligent guy that sat 5 Salesforce certifications in one day (and passed every single one of them), will be present on Thursday with Cloudreach. Hamza is now 18x Salesforce accredited so if you have any Salesforce related questions (I mean any at all), he’s your guy to talk to.

4. Vinay Chaturvedi @vinay_SFDC

Vinay-Chaturvedi Vinay has trekked all the way from India to be at this year’s London World tour. He was crowned a Salesforce MVP last year and is a regular contributor to the Salesforce Success Community. He’ll be dotted around ExCel, so if you’re able to catch him, I’m sure you’ll learn a tip or two.

5. Louise Lockie @LouiseLockie

Louise-Lockie If you’re all about getting more women into the thriving tech community then Louise Lockie’s your person to speak to.  A Salesforce MVP, 2x certified Administrator, co-leader of Salesforce Women in Technology AND recipient of the prestigious #AwesomeAdmin award, Lockie can practically be classed as a Salesforce Maestro. She is set to give a talk at the World Tour about change management in relation to migrating to Lightning. Just head to the Admin Theatre stage at 3pm if you’d like to meet one of London’s very own MVPs.

6. Simon Mulcahy @simonmulcahy

Simon-Mulcahy How does one increase the brand recognition and promotion of a company as large as Salesforce? Salesforce’s CMO, Simon Mulcahy is set to speak at the Keynote on Thursday so you can discover just how he accomplishes this momentous feat.

7. Phil Walton @SalesforcePhil

Phil-Walton You’d have to be pretty spectacular to be awarded MVP status four times, and that’s exactly what Phil Walton is. Walton is a Salesforce Consultant with more than 13 years of experience, and a leader of various London based user groups (so he definitely knows his stuff!). He will be based at the Cloud Galacticos stand, along with the Star Wars gang so if you want to take a seriously epic picture, then his stand is the place to be!

8. The Ebsta Team @ebstahq

ebsta-team The Ebsta Team will be dishing out demos all day and we’d be more than happy to see you at stand 145 for a quick chat. Our Email and LinkedIn integration have completely revolutionised the way companies use Salesforce, so just sign up here to book a meeting with anyone from the team.  For every pass scanned, you’ll be given some seriously swagtastic items, and you could even bag yourself an Apple watch!


Hiya! I’m Dayo, the Marketing Communications Assistant at Ebsta. I’m a keen tweeter and blogger who you’ll probably find writing about anything Salesforce related.

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