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Here at Ebsta, we’re sometimes asked about our Salesforce email integration – ‘Why did you build a product that captures email history in Salesforce, when Email to Salesforce already exists?’ It’s a good question. However, unlike all the fantastic features that Salesforce has given us, adding email to Salesforce isn’t one that Users are on-board with. It’s a lengthy and time-consuming process and one, that we found through years of use, just doesn’t work.

How Email to Salesforce Works

Log into your Salesforce account and click on the drop down menu by your name. Click on ‘My Settings’. Email to salesforce Next, expand the email tab. Salesforce Email Tab Click on ‘My Email to Salesforce’. It will take you here: my email to salesforce Where you can see a copy of your unique BCC email to Salesforce address. Now, every time you send an email, you have to ensure you BCC in this address. Unfortunately for most, they’re far too busy to keep copying and pasting the link or they they simply forget to include it when they hit send. With over a billion emails sent every day, it’s no great surprise that manually adding this to every email hasn’t really got the Users’ Salesforce buds tingling. However, the velocity of emails isn’t the only challenge.

The Biggest Challenges with Email to Salesforce

There are 4 major challenges:
  • Users unmotivated to add the unique BCC email to Salesforce address
  • When a prospect or a customer replies, it won’t be added to Salesforce as it doesn’t include the unique link
  • If a record doesn’t exist in Salesforce, the email will go straight into Salesforce’s Unresolved Items. Users will then have to go here to attach them to the right records (which inevitably, doesn’t happen).
  • When an email is added to Salesforce, there’s no guarantee of exactly where the email will go
The results?
  • Inaccurate and out of date data
  • No insight into email communication in Salesforce
  • Negative impact on User Adoption

The Solution

So the answer to ‘Why did you build a product that syncs emails to Salesforce?’ – we wanted to give Users access to the richest quality data in Salesforce without them having to do a thing. Ebsta automatically syncs all emails to Salesforce and analyses the content in those emails to uncover missing contact information. It increases the ROI of your Salesforce, enhances your sales performance and gives management the insight they need to make more informed, better decisions.
Ready to integrate your emails with Salesforce? Try our Salesforce Email Integration for free today! ebsta-salesforce-email-integration

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