Team Forecast Roll-Ups

Product Release: Forecast Roll-Ups

Finding out how your reps and teams are performing is often a regular, tenuous task for leaders. It involves taking precious time to understand where deals are at, what is happening and what their plans are. Not only are these inefficient uses of time, but they consistently omit key pieces of information which are vital for a leader’s decision making.

Select the teams tab in the opportunities table, and unlock complete visibility over team performance and commits

To help make ‘catch-ups’ a thing of the past, we are introducing Forecast Roll-Ups to provide complete visibility of individual rep and team performance. This enables leaders to dive into how their teams are progressing towards their quota, what they have committed and how they are performing. By hovering over each team, you can even see individual submissions to get into the weeds of the deals they are working on.

Alongside the overview of opportunities, we have now added a new tab for teams which when clicked, will unfurl the performance of your reps. Here you will see their progress towards their quote, projected revenue, as well as their committed and best-case forecast submissions. Leaders can assess the performance of their reps and dive deeper into individual deals which are not aligning with expectations.

For managers, the insights from the forecast roll-up summary are invaluable as they provide a clear view of how your team has progressed in the current quarter. In addition, it’s an efficient way of discovering which deals are being inaccurately forecast, as well as identifying which deals to prioritise during your coaching sessions with your reps.

Analyze performance and understand how much pipeline your teams need to hit their quota

Forecast roll-ups are designed to empower managers with the insights they need to take into coaching sessions. No longer do they need to take time understanding what a deal looks like from a rep. Instead, all the insight is surfaced in a single place. This allows managers to dive into deals at risk, understand where the issues are, and help their reps to work towards a solution.

In addition, they can analyse how reps are progressing towards their quota and work with them to understand what they can do to help them hit that target. Whether it’s increasing their coverage, or improving their engagement with an account, Ebsta is designed to provide the insights necessary to help turn deals from a 0 into a 1.

By improving forecasting accuracy at the rep level has a ripple effect, as it then helps to improve the accuracy of team forecasts, and subsequently, forecasts submitted by sales leaders. Forecast roll-ups are available now in Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform to the following subscribers;

  • Professional
  • Ultimate

To gain an overview of your team’s performance and improve the efficiency of your 1:1s, you can connect to Ebsta today, and get all the insights you need.

Speak with our experts and see how Ebsta will help improve your sales

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