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Our Visit to GOSH and Why We Were Privileged to Make a Donation


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In the chaos of the average working week, where deadlines are foreboding and time, no matter how hard we extend our arms, always seems to evade our clutches, we can be blind to the things that really matter. Although the daily firestorm of work and life hang like iron weights on our shoulders, we know that there is a greater picture out there, in the horizon beyond. And that greater picture are the things that ‘really matter’. If we were to ask everyone in the world what’s on their list of things that ‘really matter’, it would be a word soup; hard to digest but interesting food for thought. However, there is one thing that I believe we would all have in common –  the hope and need for good health, for us and those around us. It’s therefore unsurprising that when our team were deciding which charity we should donate to this January; they chose Great Ormond Street hospital in London.

The History of Great Ormond Street

Great Ormond Street hospital is one of the world-leading hospitals for children that have some of the rarest and most life-threatening illnesses. For over 160 years, they have continuously strived to develop their facilities and as such, have had many global firsts – the first consultant paediatric surgeon in 1928, opened the UK’s first heart and lung unit in 1947 and the first Leukaemia research unit are just some examples. It’s therefore, a fitting irony that the hospital which originally had only 10 beds, opened in 1852 on Valentine’s day.

Visiting Great Ormond Street Offices

We wanted to involve the Salesforce community in our fundraising efforts and therefore based our donation on the amount of respondents we had to our Salesforce Usage survey conducted late last year. Fortunately, we had 1252 respondents and were able to donate £1252 to the charity. So in early January, we visited the Great Ormond Street offices in Russell Square to meet the team in person. The moment we stepped through the automatic doors, the office enthralled me. Cloaked in purple and white like a magician’s cave and decorated with a flurry of celebratory fundraising pictures displayed proudly on the walls, it was the most beautiful muse. If you’ve ever looked for inspiration as a creative or simply in life, if you’ve hunted it, sought it, cried over it – Great Ormond Street hospital should be your first and only thought.

Importance of CSR in the Workplace

More and more organisations are implementing CSR programmes, or engaging in sporadic fundraising activities, since bigger companies like Google and Salesforce have paved the way. The word ‘responsibility’ can be slightly off-putting though, especially when most people tend to think of ‘responsibility’ as something heavy, something similar to a chore. However, everyone I’ve known to participate in CSR activities do not see it as a ‘responsibility’ but as a desire to help those that need it most. And desire is a far more pleasing and enjoyable feeling than responsibility. After all, companies tend to have a greater power than individuals and that’s why it’s important that they get behind charities and causes that help bring a little more peace and love to a messy world. Thank you Great Ormond Street hospital for teaching us to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Laura Savory, Head of Community Fundraising at Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity said: “We’re so grateful to Ebsta for their generosity and support. The money raised will help to make a huge difference to young patients and families from across the UK.”

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