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How to Improve CRM Adoption: 3 Lessons from 2017


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Improve CRM AdoptionLooking to improve CRM adoption and usage? You are not alone. The purchasing of cloud based Customer Relationship Managements (CRM) systems has exploded in the last decade, but according to Forrester Research a refusal to adopt CRM causes up to 70 percent of CRM implementations to fail. Salesforce is a major CRM Application that has been steadily gaining market share and captured 19.9% of the total market in 2017.

However, simply spending budget on CRM is not enough; the people in your company have to actually find value and use it. In addition to ease of use, deciding which CRM to implement encompasses considerations for integrations, data storage costs, and level of paid customer success services required.

Review these top three techniques from 2017 to improve CRM adoption and get your team using Salesforce to its fullest potential.

1. Automate Data Entry and Lookup

Our Salesforce Usage survey revealed that 68% of Salespeople questioned thought more could be done in their organization to automate manual and repetitive process.
Improve CRM Adoption Yes, everyone always wants any and everything automated. But how should you do it?

Automatically integrate email inboxes, calendars, call systems, service desks. The information should be logged intelligently. For example, all emails should be added (whether sent or received!) to Salesforce that relate to matching Leads, Contacts, Accounts and/or opportunities and calendars should sync both ways.

Getting the right information isn’t the only thing to think about automating. Even switching tabs and waiting for Salesforce to load is too much friction for motivated sales teams who want to crush their quotas. If you want your team to use Salesforce, put it where they spend their time.

The Ebsta Chrome Extension will maximize the value of the data you already have in Salesforce, minimize duplication, and simply allow sales folk to add and update records without leaving email clients like gmail, social media site like LinkedIn, or whichever online environment they find themselves. Talk about an efficient way to lookup customer and prospect records!

2. Use Apps to Improve CRM Adoption

Leyla Seka, Executive Vice President of the AppExchange at Salesforce, described the role of the app ecosystem during this year’s Dreamforce, saying her their “job is to create as many choices as possible for our customers, so that when they are trying to solve a business problem, they have many options.” And it’s true… nearly 90 percent of Salesforce customers are using apps from the AppExchange, with more than 5 million apps installed!

There are tons of options available and you can try before you buy. Follow 75% of Salesforce Admins by trialing more than 10 AppExchange applications to see which ones work best for your team’s needs and demands.

Salesforce AppExchange email integration

Fun fact from our Salesforce Usage Report: apps that automate internal processes are three times more likely to be purchased than those that do not (remember technique #1?).

3. Share Knowledge Between Departments

Adopt CRM as a teamHaving all the customer communications in Salesforce and contact details up-to-date is essential isn’t easy according to these five stats about Salesforce data quality. The secret sauce is uniting the team around the information to plan sales outreach, marketing campaigns, or services onboarding.

Sales people agree that collaborating across departments as a selling technique is crucial to their overall sales process. Step one is having all the right roles involved such as the Salesforce administrator, marketer, and sales operations. However, it is also increasingly important to have the legal departments approval due to upcoming legislation like the GDPR.

Did you know:

It’s time to see return on your investment in CRM. See if we can help implement these techniques or get started right away with a free trial of our Chrome Extension or Salesforce Managed Package.

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