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The 6 Best Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Sales Team


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Getting your sales team to work to their potential is tough. Time isn’t on your side, you don’t have the tools and you’re snowed under with your own workload. Managing productivity is even tougher as the week fizzles out and the early week targets aren’t met. According to a study conducted by Hoopla Software, less than 1/3 of employees are motivated/engaged and sales people represent the biggest group of disengaged employees. So we’ve put together the best ways to increase productivity to drive sales and hit those all important numbers:

Accurate Data 

It goes without saying that having accurate data revolutionises the sales process. Getting all the fundamental information into Salesforce will help to give you an insight into prospects before you make the call. According to a study by Hubspot on Sales, 71% of sales reps say they spend too much time on data entry. So when this isn’t done, extra time is wasted on hunting for a missing number in Salesforce or calling people that aren’t the decision maker. Ensure your Salesforce is fully up to date ready for your sales reps to engage with. Without this, they’ll be trouncing through pages of webpages and social media sites for a number that was probably on their email signature. Trekking through email signatures is not worth your time. Two solutions are using for missing numbers or Ebsta Enterprise that will get you all your missing data and put it straight into Salesforce.


The new world of technology is all about ease of use and convenience so utilize this with workflow rules. Using workflow rules allows you to simply click one button and five different rules go into action instead of wasting valuable time manually doing tasks. The Hubspot report shows that only 33% of sales reps’ time is actually spent on selling.

Qualified Prospects

What do you consider to be a ‘qualified prospect?’ The Hubspot study reveals that 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting. You and your sales team need to be clear on what constitutes ‘qualified’ and why. Determine who the decision maker is so your sales team is not wasting time talking to the receptionist when they don’t have the authority or the means to buy your product/service. Get the prospect qualified so that it can then be passed on to a sales rep. Unqualified prospects are pointless to your sales process.

Schedule Correctly

Once your reps have engaged with prospects, scheduling using tools such as Go-to-meeting and using Gmail Calendar will allow you to keep on top of meetings. Both are quick, easy and simple enough that every scheduled call, demo and meeting will be visible the moment you store it. This extra time can be used to contact another prospect, to build a bigger pipeline and to close more deals.

Done Deal and Contracts

A massive productivity gain is DocuSign. Once you’ve got a deal closed, you don’t want to be messing around waiting for contracts. Make this the easy part and use DocuSign for electronic contract signing.

Venture Out

Don’t be afraid to use innovative apps to help your sales teams get on board! Gamification tools such as Hoopla Software are becoming more popular in the sales world with competitions and contests pushing reps to try harder and sell more. Offer an incentive for the sales rep that has the most engagement (view their activity in full on Salesforce if they’ve logged their activity correctly) and inject a little bit of fun into the long, office hours. Other apps you can use include Focusbooster which enhances focus, removes any issues you’re having with time management and records all timed sessions in time sheets. Launchy is another that saves extra seconds flicking through different pages and screens as it allows you to open documents with a few key strokes. Ultimately, you want to increase productivity in your sales team. Follow these tips and you’ll inevitably raise the productivity levels ten times over.

Katrina Holmes

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