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The Business of Sharing is Caring: How to Inspire a Generation


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Getting young people to be inspired by their future career path can be a tough ask. Sometimes it’s difficult to break through the barrier of you’re-an-adult-and-I’m-a-child type attitude. So how do you turn figures of authority into positive figures to 15-16 year olds who are in the process of making life-changing decisions? Here at Ebsta, we believe that inspiring and helping the younger generation is imperative to the future of business particularly in our specialism – technology. The up and coming entrepreneurs of this era are dubbed the ‘millenials’ because they are innovative to a level that most of us, pre-2000, couldn’t imagine possible and that innovation is hugely down to technology. Whatever industry you’re in, there are many ways to encourage and guide the younger generation, you just have to be willing to give up your most valuable asset – your time. See how Bicycles for Humanity did just that.

Inspiring the Future

Inspiring the Future is an organisation that matches business volunteers to schools that are looking for a speaker during a ‘careers week’ or career’s workshop that can give their students advice and guidance combined with first-hand experience on the best ways to be successful in the chosen industry. Their ‘give up 1 hour’ scheme is gaining momentum with over 9,000 schools signed up and nearly 27,000 volunteers registered. With their biggest sponsor being the Bank of America and many other well-known companies recognising the need for students to spend time with successful career people, it’s definitely something that is moving to the forefront of companies that want to ‘give back’ to the community.

Speakers for Schools

Speakers for Schools encourages professionals from a wide array of industries to spare however much time they can to speaking at schools around their area. Their talks to inspire a generation fall into 5 themes:
  • Challenging the Status Quo
  • Expert Insights
  • Future Citizens
  • Industry Workings
  • Life Lessons and Advice
which provides a clear structure for students to learn and digest from. Although business people are busier than ever with working hours going way off into the night, many organisations are giving up their time, getting involved and sharing their expertise with others to help the next generation understand their desired career path and what they need to get there. Why? Because it helps the UK economy. Encouraging younger people to go into further education or to find a placement in their desired field means they’ll be contributing to solve the country’s needs. In addition to this, they’ll be enhancing the business world immeasurably by bringing in fresh, innovative ideas and creativity in abundance.

National Apprenticeship Week

This week, between 14th-18th, marks National Apprenticeship Week where young people and organisations can celebrate the huge impact that Apprenticeships have had on business and the UK. Apprenticeships help younger people to gain the skills they need within a workplace environment. It’s a successful solution to many that chose not to go to university but want a rewarding learning curve and experience in their chosen industry. However, Apprenticeships rely on organisations to see the value of them and to offer fantastic training for the individuals that partake in them. According to the House of Commons Library, 2014/2015 saw a rise in Apprenticeship sign ups by 2% with the majority of Apprenticeships in Business, Administration and Law, Health, Public Services and Care and Retail and Commercial Enterprise. With at least 2 out of these 3 sectors needing the younger generation to gain more interest and opt for a career within them, the Apprenticeship schemes are helping get more people into them.

Inspire a Generation

If you would like to get involved, you can use Pledge-o-meter, to share your apprenticeship pledges to the online business community or you can host an event to help apprenticeships gain awareness. Whether it’s a shout out via Twitter or a blog post on your website, you might just inspire someone to be an Apprentice or offer an Apprenticeship scheme. We understand how busy work-life can be and that’s why we’ve put together this short snapshot of how you can inspire the people that need it. Let’s boost business into the stratosphere by inspiring a generation and all celebrate success together.

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