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An Interview with Our Pardot Genius


Marketing encompasses what an organisation does and more importantly, who they are. In the age of the millennial, consumers are more astute than ever when it comes to Marketing ploys, especially when they are impersonal or cold. New Marketing is all about building a competitive brand that engulfs exactly what the consumer believes an organisation should be, without having to do any backhand campaigns that end up getting on their goat. As such, a consumer buys into a brand as much as they buy into a product/service and that’s why the ‘personal approach’ has proven to be so successful. But as this kind of Marketing evolves, so does the thinking of your competitors. So how do you outsmart them and ensure you have a customer signed, sealed and delivered? By employing a Pardot genius. And our new Senior Marketing Manager, Jess Pyne, is exactly that.

Why Pardot

Having only started using the Marketing Automation tool last February, Jess has become a self-taught whizz at Pardot. From implementing the platform across her previous company to holding the Pardot reigns here at Ebsta, she has already started working her magic on our Marketing automation.  “I love what Pardot enables us to do, like reach out to our customers and prospects in a way that is really relevant to them. We now have the insight we’ve craved for so long; we know what they’re interested in. “On a personal level, I enjoy using Pardot because of the logic behind it. I thrive on being presented with a problem and playing the rules off against each other to find a suitable solution. Take how to map Pardot custom fields to both Leads and contact records, for example: it’s not as simple as you think, so I had to come up with our own method.”

Pardot at Ebsta

Pardot is an integral part of the Marketing processes at Ebsta, especially with our customer-focused approach. We believe in practising our 4 key values through all of our departments: be transparent; be caring and considerate; go beyond what is asked; and constantly improve, which is exactly what we aim to do in Marketing. “The way we use Pardot at Ebsta is different to other organisations – we use it heavily for on-boarding so our customers have everything they need right when they need it. It helps us to ensure our customers are getting the best out of the product and what they’ve signed up for. It provides them with all the relevant information and help they need, so they feel they have guidance every step of the way – which is key to successful on-boarding.”

Pardot Features

Marketing Automation might not sound like the most exciting venture but done well, it promises to deliver some awesome features and inevitably, Jess has a favourite. “Engagement Studio is by far my favourite feature. The other day, I started planning a campaign on paper and ended up just going straight to Engagement Studio to build it out from scratch. The interface is so visual that it’s basically white-boarding: you get everything in one place and end up with a clear, beautiful overview of all of your campaigns.”

Pardot User Group

Despite being a Pardot enthusiast, Jess still encounters challenges she needs to solve and to help her do so, she set up the Pardot User Group. “Every month we host a Pardot User Group meetup here in London, and it’s great to get everyone together. We’ve had a range of expert speakers who cover completely different topics on Pardot, and will answer any questions. One of my favourite things about the group is that we never get through an entire talk before stopping, as someone will ask a question and it inevitably develops into a roundtable discussion as everyone has different responses. I learn something new from every meetup. And there’s always wine!” 

Learning Opportunities

Meeting up in a social environment isn’t always the most successful way to learn, and that’s why Jess swears by self-learning and involving yourself in the User community. “The best way to learn Pardot is by doing. One of my favourite ways to develop is to read through the Success forum, because everybody posts their problems on there, myself included. Reading other people’s problems and understanding how I would solve them improves my knowledge. “Even if you don’t have the access you need to try stuff out, there are other options. The Knowledge Base is another great resource, for both beginners and more experienced Users trying more advanced actions.” As much as Pardot is a huge part of Jess’s working life, there are many more strings to her bow. She is a keen traveller and aims to visit 3 new countries a year, and is hugely passionate about CSR activities and keeping active. When asked what her hopes and aspirations are for the future, Jess discussed CSR. “I see businesses taking a much more socially responsible role in society, as we’ve seen with Salesforce in recent years. I think that’s great, and hugely important to communities across the globe. “I also envision Marketing becoming more firmly entrenched online, with the consumer having the ultimate control. Businesses will have to be more open about their offerings, and expect the customer to be far more knowledgeable and decisive.”

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