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Our 5 Dreamforce Keynote Speakers Picks That You Can’t Afford to Miss


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The Dreamforce hysteria has arrived. Twitter is in a full-on frenzy. LinkedIn is on San Francisco lockdown. Facebook is on the verge of becoming an advert for DF15. Frankly, social media is at a complete standstill. But before you jump on the hype and put your suitcase by the front door ready, check out the 5 keynote speakers you just simply cannot miss.

Marc Benioff – Chairman and CEO Salesforce

The Salesforce patriarch is inevitably in our top five. Without him, we’d still be using Excel spreadsheets and crying over lost data at midnight. Hear about these dark, almost unimaginable days before he goes full pelt into Salesforce Success. Benioff founded the company in 1999 (when internet itself was a challenge) and it has become one of the fastest-growing software companies on the planet. Impressed? You will be once you hear about the Salesforce journey and what we all have to look forward to in the CRM world’s near future.

Satya Nadella – CEO Microsoft

Satya Nadella is taking time off from being the CEO of giants Microsoft to get us all bubbling with excitement over Microsoft’s latest news, trends and products. Feel like you’re part of the Microsoft HQ office as you hear first-hand what it’s like to be the ultimate decision maker. He joined Microsoft in 1992 and became Vice President of the Microsoft Business Division soon after. With these accomplishments firmly under his ever-so-cool tech belt, you’d be San Fran crazy not to stick around and hear about how he revolutionised Microsoft’s biggest products.

Susan Wojciki – CEO YouTube

CRM software Salesforce identified the issue of women in Tech with the inclusion of the Women’s Leadership summit which is exactly why Susan Wojciki is involved.   We possibly owe this woman for some of the best party nights in our living room using music from the DJ king – YouTube. Long gone are the days where you can’t find a video to laugh at, a trailer to watch or a song to sing (badly) to, YouTube has saved us all. Wojciki took a major role in Google’s 2006 acquisition of YouTube and is now responsible for YouTube’s content, engineering, development and operations. Find out exactly how she’s done it, what YouTube has coming up next and how we can create many more memories from this billion-user video platform.

Travis Kalanick – Co-Founder and CEO Uber Technologies

Anyone that can create an app that will get us home quicker than public transport deserves to be on this list. Forget queuing for the tube, we’ve got ourselves a date with Uber! Uber has quickly become popular with millions of users across the globe with more than 300 cities getting in on the action. It’s changed every day life with the click of a button and Co-Founder and CEO Kalanick will reveal all. You’ll get the inside scoop on his unforgettable trip to Paris that inspired the Uber invention and the explosive growth it’s had since 2009. Ironically, Uber is all about saving time so it’s only natural that listening to Kalanick’s keynote speech will be time well spent.

Jessica Alba – Founder of The Honest Company

You may know her as Sue Storm from Fantastic 4 but Jessica Alba won’t be the Invisible Woman at Dreamforce 2015. She’s discussing The Honest Company that she founded in 2011 and her mission to provide safe, natural products that can be trusted with families worldwide. Alba is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and author as well as a Hollywood actress. Her take on building a company separate to her famous career will no doubt be intriguing, informative and leave you wanting to see Alba as much off screen as she is on. She will undoubtedly be bringing the ‘honest’ approach to her first Dreamforce so rest assured, you will definitely get down to the nitty gritty. If you haven’t got your flight booked and your shoes on after all of those bad boys, you definitely need to re-read. Our top five picks for Dreamforce 2015 will take you on a San Francisco journey that you’ll never want to get off of! Don’t forget to meet with the Ebsta team after you’ve soaked in all the splendour from the speeches. Join us away from the hustle and bustle in the Press club for drinks and top-notch networking. Sign up today at!

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