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A Letter to Our Free Users


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To our customers and friends, I wanted to take the time to thoroughly explain our decision to end our freemium pricing model. Whilst this was a hugely hard decision for our founding team to make, I hope by reading this post you understand why this was the best action for our customers and how this will benefit the Ebsta community moving forward.

Why we started out with ‘Freemium’

Almost all freemium apps are designed to entice Users into spending money. Whether it’s through in-app purchases or annoying limitations, these applications are built with the sole purpose of producing profit. In the past three years, over 19,000 companies have benefited from free, full, uninterrupted and unlimited access to our Chrome extension feature set (now named Essential plan).  We began our journey with a freemium model because we wanted to build and develop the Ebsta platform using the feedback from an active community. We would never have become the most popular application on the Salesforce AppExchange without this community. Everything we develop has always been focused on improving the daily lives of our User base – regardless of whether they are free or paid. We wholeheartedly appreciate all of your help in making Ebsta a success.

Why we decided to end our ‘Freemium Model’

Today we need to invest more in our team and platform than ever to drive our company and customers forward. Here are some of Ebsta’s key pressure points:
  • We currently support 19,000 non-paying organisations
  • Our platform is processing 15,000,000 events per day (We make more API calls to Salesforce than any other AppExchange partner)
  • Our AWS hosting costs have tripled in the last year alone
  • We need to continue to hire the smartest product, marketing and developer talent to offer the best possible service to our clients
  • We are not VC backed
After extensive talks, our founding team agreed that customers would rather pay a fair price for the Ebsta service than be interrupted with freemium upgrade tactics. It’s important to say that developing sneaky ways to get freemium subscribers to spend money also goes completely against our cornerstone value of Being Transparent. It is for these two reasons that we made the decision to end our freemium model. 

Current free user affected? We have your back.

Every active free User of our service has today been put on a 14-day trial of our Growth plan and emailed with a promotional discount. If you did not receive this communication, please contact

What this means for the future

Put simply, we want to keep our community and maintain our popularity. That means working hard to keep you happy – developing new features to help your daily work life and making sure we’re always around to help you with any issues. We have already begun expanding our team and work is well under way to deliver these awesome features in Q1 next year:
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Follow Up Reminders
Please remember that we haven’t spent the last 3 years building our community to simply severe ties now. We really appreciate everyone who has supported us on our journey and we hope you decide to stick with us. If this is goodbye, we thank you for choosing Ebsta and wish you the very best for the future. If you would like to get in touch please email and we will endeavour to get back to you immediately. With thanks Guy Rubin Founder and CEO

Guy Rubin

Guy Rubin is the CEO and Founder of Ebsta. Guy comes from a recruitment tech background where he was the Co-Founder of VC backed tech startup, iProfile. He wanted to solve the big data quality issue and has achieved this with Ebsta.